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The Atomic AirForce Intake

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
For those who want more bolt-on power and torque for their direct-injected LT1 motor, MSD's all-new polymer Atomic AirForce intake manifold is a great option for both stock and modified engines. MSD addressed the performance shortcomings of the OEM manifold and used Computational Fluid Dynamic modeling to optimize the plenum volume and improve runner layout. The LT1 intake is a two-piece molded design which allows for porting and runner modification while offering easy access to both ends of the runners, and the glass-reinforced composite minimizes weight and reduces heat absorption. Additionally, MSD's new Atomic AirForce intake is equipped with port injector bosses that allow it to easily accommodate various power adders, and it works with both OEM electronic throttle bodies as well as aftermarket units up to 105mm.

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