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Tech Review Billet Specialties Win Lite Wheels

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
By Miles Cook Billet Specialties is a multi-faceted manufacturer. The company offers complete lines of all sorts of cool parts like steering wheels, front-engine dress components, and accessories for the interior and exterior parts of the cars we all know and love. While that stuff is all well and good, the company's line of wheels interests us the most. More specifically, its Win Lite line is what's also going to be worthy of attention to those fielding entries in the NMRA and NMCA racing series. And speaking of the cars we know and love, Billet Specialties has Win Lite fitments for pretty much all those that interest us the most and that includes the usual later-model GMs like the Camaro, Corvette and Cadillac CTS-V. The Australian-built Chevy SS and Pontiac G8 four-doors are in there as well. For Mustang fans, pretty much all those built after 1993 will have options available, which include the SN-95, S197 and S550 platforms. And for 1979-1993 Fox cars converted to a five-lug bolt pattern there are also Billet Specialties fitments worthy of consideration. For late-model Dodge fans, Win Lite fitments are able to beautify all these popular rear-drive cars, which are mainly made up of the two-door Challenger and four-door Charger/Chrysler 300 models, including SRT and Hellcat variations. Also available for all these models is a direct-fit Drag Pak setup which is a set of model-specific wheels made up of a pair of 18x5-inch one-piece front wheels and a pair of 17x10-inch two-piece rears. A single bead lock can also be added to the rear wheels. The street/strip market really seems to like the fresh look of the Win Lite line, Scott Sandoval, Marketing Manager for Billet Specialties, explained. Weight reduction is certainly a consideration. We went into the bolt-pad area on the back of the wheel and cut some material out of there. A lighter wheel will provide a quicker 60-foot time, so any little bit there helps, as every pound on a wheel can be the equivalent to 10 pounds of rotational force. Available in 15- and 17- and 18-inch diameters, the Win Lite will also fit with the aforementioned single and double bead-lock setups. Naturally the appearance of a wheel is also important and the SFI-certified Win Lite doesn't disappoint. Particularly attractive is the across-the-line look, which is a forged 6061-T6 hard black-anodized treatment with a machine-cut face both of which result in a super-cool contrast between the two finishes. Source Billet Specialties

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