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Team ProMedia Tackles MPMC Conference

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Team ProMedia Tackles MPMC Conference
By Evan J. Smith
It may be the off season, but the ProMedia team is hard at work planning and preparing for an exciting 2023 event season. Our mission is to ensure that every fan, racer, sponsor, media person, track owner and even our employees have an enjoyable and memorable experience at each of our events.
Some of our winter work includes attending trade shows including SEMA and PRI, which you’ve likely heard of, however, one event that you may not be familiar with is the Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC). This a fantastic industry event where upwards of 50-75 aftermarket and media members take over a hotel in southern California and spend a few days in organized meetings.
It's kind of like speed dating, where you sit in for 25-minutes with a company and then the bell rings and you’re off to your next meeting. There’s social gatherings, we break bread, and as you can imagine, there’s lots of bench racing and story-telling. Unlike a traditional trade show where exhibitors are focused on meeting with buyers and resellers, the Media Trade Conference is focused on media. It’s also an event that helps our editorial staff see new products and come up with many tech article ideas.
The show also hosted a lunch seminar where our president Steve Wolcott, along with other distinguished media members, spoke about the future of motorsports. It was enlightening and exciting to hear how our boss plans to move into the future. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t congratulate Richard Holdener who won the prestigious Robert E. Petersen award.
It's cool for us is to see the very latest equipment from your favorite manufacturers, to feel the passion and to work with companies through involvement in NMRA and NMCA racing. Many are sponsors and people you know and see regularly at various events. Due to Covid, this was the first in-person MPMC in a couple of years, so it was great getting back. We learned a lot and hopefully we can pass on the knowledge.

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