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Stunning show machines competed for glory at World Wide Technology Raceway

Posted By: Evan J. Smith

Stunning show machines competed for glory at World Wide Technology Raceway


Written by Steve Turner

Photography by Dr. Rudy Rouweyha and Evan J. Smith


While most NMRA and NMCA action takes place in the Eastern half of the United States, once a year both series converge at the Gateway to the West to race for the rings in the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Muscle Car Drag Racing. The inter-series rivalries keep the action exciting on the racetrack as racers compete not only in their traditional classes but against racers from the rival series in the Testo Shootouts, which awarded Nitto Diamond Tree rings to the victors.


While the action was exciting on the track, there was serious competition on the show field, where beautiful muscle machines vied not only for brand-specific awards but for overall supremacy. This year’s UPR Products Car Show did not disappoint, as it drew a diverse crowd of Big Three rides, including some real unusual gems from the likes of AMC, Pontiac, Studebaker, and others.


In the end, dozens of winners drove home from World Wide Technology Raceway with smiles on their faces and awards in tow. Here we are hitting some highlights from the show that grows stronger each year.



Best of Show

John and Sherri Sanders had plenty of room in the back to haul away their Best of Show awards from the car show at the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Muscle Car Drag Racing. The couple’s flashy 1965 Chevrolet Malibu wagon earned top honors at World Wide Technology Raceway. 


It’s not a rental, but it is a Rent-A-Racer. This 1966 Shelby GT350-H earned Best Ford of Show accolades. Clyde and Catherine Dunphy have won other shows with their Mustangs and this time the rare Mustang that once served as a Hertz rental car became a show winner.


A regular on the Red Line Oil NMCA Muscle Car Nationals circuit, Tony Scott likes to show and go, often racing on the track and displaying in the show. At the Super Bowl, his 1967 Camaro took home the Best Engine award thanks to its immaculately detailed, turbocharged LS engine underhood.


Classic Camaros put forth a strong showing at the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Muscle Car Drag Racing, as Bobby Hodge’s 1971 Camaro rumbled away with the Best Body & Paint award.


Special thanks to the Southern Illinois Mustang Association for serving as the host club for this year’s show at World Wide Technology Raceway.


It’s not often that you see a 1973 AMC Javelin in the wild, much less one this striking. With eye-catching paint and billet wheels, this looker has plenty to attract the attention of car fanatics. However, it is the huge Roots blower that dominates its visage, and that blown powerplant earned Best Engine honors at World Wide Technology Raceway. Colin Davis’ unique ride also collected our Fastest Street Car Best Classic award at the event.


With a strong showing of Camaros at the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Muscle Car Drag Racing, it took a lot to stand out from the crowd. However, Charles Brisco’s 1979 Z-28 Camaro features glossy paint and plenty of chrome underhood. This nicely prepared machine earned Best Camaro ’70-’81 honors.


Huge blowers were in fashion at the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Muscle Car Drag Racing. Sunny Past’s low-slung, yellow 1956 Chevy Nomad struck an eye-catching pose on the show field and rolled away with the Best Pro Street/Race Car award.


As you have noticed by now, this show attracted more than just the common marques to World Wide Technology Raceway. A case in point is John Gales’ 1960 Studebaker wagon, which hauled away with the Best Chrysler of Show award.


Another ride you don’t see too often on the roads is the oft-maligned, but once-successful Mustang II. Of those cars, the most alluring is the 1978 Cobra II. Kim Strickell’s example is super clean and mildly updated and it earned the Director’s Choice Conservative award.


Another muscle machine straight out of the ’70s that took home some hardware was Larry Baker’s 1973 Pontiac GTO. With a mint interior, glossy paint, a nice accent stripe, billet wheels, and plenty of polish underhood, it’s easy to see how it nabbed the Best GM Muscle award.


As the show wound down on Saturday and Sunday, the victors gathered to congratulate one another and show off their hard-earned hardware.

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