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Strange Engineering's New Billet U-Bolt Strap Kit Offers Strength and Reliability

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Strange Engineering has introduced its new billet u-bolt strap kit. The chrome moly steel straps, ETD-150 steel studs and ARP thread locking nuts offer a 90 percent strength increase and superior reliability when compared to OEM style u-bolts. The consistent clamping force and 360 degree support of the u-joint cap increase u-joint life by reducing operating temperature and eliminating the potential of over torqueing the bearing journal, resulting in needle bearing damage. The 1610HD u-bolt straps are designed to work with the full line of Strange Engineering chrome moly 1350 series pinion yokes. The product number is U1610HD, and the retail price is $82.50. For more information, call 800-646-7618 or visit (Content courtesy of Strange Engineering)

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