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Strange Engineering Debuts New Double-Adjustable Struts for 1982-1992 and 2010-2014 Camaros and 1987-2014 Mustangs

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Strange Engineering has debuted new double-adjustable struts for 1982-1992 and 2010-2014 Camaros and 1987-2014 Mustangs. Strange Engineering double externally adjustable coil-over steel struts are designed and valved to satisfy the needs of the most competitive racer. Drag racing can be won or lost by narrow margins, making suspension tuning and consistency critical. Strange double externally adjustable coil over struts easily permit independent control of both extension and compression, which allows users to optimize the performance of their cars. The wide range of adjustment can be used to adapt to changing track conditions, control weight transfer and improve down track stability, resulting in reduced elapsed-times and more consistent performance. Each strut is manufactured with a premium steel body, a robust 22mm rod and large 1.375 diameter piston. The struts are fully rebuildable and can be set up with custom valving. They are priced at $499.00 each. For more information, visit or call 800-646-7618. (Content courtesy of Strange Engineering)

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