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Stay Hydrated and Cooler With The DEI Drink Bottle Insulator

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Stay Hydrated and Cooler With The DEI Drink Bottle Insulator
As we come into the hot summer months, it’s important for drivers, crew and really anyone at the track to stay cool and hydrated. This can be a challenge, so keeping a cold drink “at the ready” is just what the doctor ordered. And the new In-Car Drink Bottle Insulator from Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) keeps water or a favorite sports drink cooler for longer periods of time.
“A well-known issue that many drivers face is keeping cool drinks cold. Drivers and crew members need to drink liquids during races to prevent dehydration, cramps and loss of concentration. We’re excited to announce a solution with our newly available drink bottle insulator,” said Mike Buca of DEI. “This product has been tested at the track and passed the heat test with rave reviews.”
The In-Car Drink Bottle Insulator is large enough to completely enclose a 42-ounce Longacre bottle. The design completely covers the Longacre PN 52-22551 and PN 52-22553 drink bottles and holders. The insulation is made from a durable, washable neoprene material to make cleaning between races easy.
The hook and loop closure design makes installation and removal easy and retains access to the mounting bracket. A sleeve for the tube gives drivers access to the bite valve, for hands-free hydration. Important features are the full-length hose cover, lightweight design, easy-to-install connection and most importantly, it keeps drink cool and secure.
For more information about this Drink Bottle Insulator (PN 10910) and DEI’s complete line of performance heat and sound control products, visit

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