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Posted By: Steve Baur
October 19, 2022—The following action has been taken against Kevin White regarding his actions during the 21stAnnual NMCA World Street Finals at Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park, September 22-25, 2022 for violating NMCA and NHRA rules “Conduct of Racing” by committing an unsafe act multiple times in the staging lanes during Qualifying on Friday September 23rd.  Specifically, Kevin White made multiple full-power launches/burnouts in the middle of the staging lanes during qualifying.    
The NMCA Competition Department in a review of this incident has taken the following action against Kevin White. White’s NMCA competition privileges have been suspended for one year (September 28, 2022 – September 28, 2023). If at the end of the one-year suspension Kevin White wishes to have competition privileges reinstated an Appeal for Reinstatement must be filed for review and be subject of the review decision by the NMCA Competition Committee.  
This Suspension is appealable. 

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