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Special VP Racer Pack from VP Racing Fuels | Limited Time Offer

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
Fresh off the off-season and ready to race, VP Racing Fuels is offering highly discounted Racer Packs that have everything you need to replace all of the fluids on your car and get them ready for track action! Utilizing their highest quality engine oils, gear oils, performance coolants and brake fluid, every fluid in your vehicle will be fresh for a new race season and give you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is Makin Power with VP! Not only does the engine and drivetrain get refreshed, but so does your vehicles exterior with our full line of quick detailers and last but certainly not least VP Racing Fuels is even throwing in some fresh VP apparel, 2021 calendar and the all-important hand sanitizer to stay safe while at the track. They are offering the VP Racer Pack for a limited time at $174.99 shipped in the US lower 48! Select your options now and be prepared for the 2021 race season, available at  

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