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Shark Gray Big-Block Chevrolet Valve Covers Now Available from Proform

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Shark Gray big-block Chevrolet valve covers are now available from Proform. Sleek and subtle, they will help engines look good under the hood, thanks to the electrostatically painted and baked Shark Gray epoxy finish that offers long-term corrosion resistance, in addition to striking color. Available in tall and stock (short) height options for Mark IV big-block Chevrolet engines (1965-1996), they're adorned with the famous Chevrolet and Bowtie emblems, recessed and hand-painted red. They're manufactured from heavy-gauge steel that's 20 percent thicker than typical aftermarket valve covers, greatly reducing the likelihood of leakage around the valve cover flange area caused by fasteners being over -torqued, and equipped with oil restricting baffles, air breather and PCV grommets. They're sold in pairs. For more information, visit (Content courtesy of Proform)

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