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SCT Expands Product Line with New Vehicle Customization Options

Posted By: Mike Galimi
SCT, an industry leader in engine tuning and calibrations, has announced the'release of the SCT Burst Throttle Enhancement device. SCT has devoted itself to the idea that engine tuning and calibration is a critical part of customization, and that enthusiasts should have the power to unlock the performance potential of their vehicles," said Marcelo Gomez, Chief Marketing Officer for SCT. "The addition of the SCT Burst to our already diverse product line makes vehicle customization available to anyone, with no technical or tuning expertise necessary. The SCT Burst is a plug-and-play device that allows anyone to adjust the throttle responsiveness of their vehicle. The easy-to-install device gives the driver access to a control knob that increases how quickly their vehicle responds to changes in throttle position, without voiding the vehicle's warranty. The SCT Burst is ideal either by itself or stacked with a tuner to give the driver all of the power right at their fingertips. "The SCT Burst is an important step in the ever-changing product offerings from SCT," said Jill Hepp, Senior Director of Marketing for SCT. "While auto enthusiasts have always used our products to tune their vehicles, many vehicle owners were looking to start off small to get that immediate feel of increased performance. The plug-and-play SCT Burst takes one of the most important aspects of vehicle customization, throttle'response, and makes it available with one simple installation giving them that seat of the pants feel right away. For more information, visit (Content courtesy of SCT)  

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