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Saturday Coverage | 2022 Scoggin Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals presented by MAHLE Motorsports

Posted By: Steve Turner
The racing heats up today at the Scoggin Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals presented by MAHLE Motorsport as racers in both the Holley NMRA Ford Nationals and Red Line Oil Muscle Car Nationals series transition from qualifying hits to eliminations runs that will decide who takes a trip to the Winner’s Circle. 
For those running in the TorqStorm Superchargers True Street and Dodge // Mopar Hemi Shootout categories, today's runs decide the winners in a full range of ET categories. Meanwhile, the eight quickest Hemi Shootout competitors will move on to tomorrow’s HHP Racing Hemi Quick 8 class.
Stay tuned to this page and our social channels for updates on all of today’s action.

Today’s schedule at the Scoggin Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals presented by MAHLE Motorsport looks like this.

Friendship, Maryland’s Derek Ward has set the pace in VP Racing Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod here at Rockingham Dragway after clicking off a 3.673 at 207.02 mph in the first round of qualifying. His Noonan Race Engineering-powered, screw-blown Camaro couldn’t duplicate or improve on the time in the second qualifier, but Ward remained in first as Friday came to a close.  The competition is tightening up, though, and we have two more rounds of qualifying today.

Tom Hammonds brought out the big guns in more ways than one this weekend, as “The Shock Nerd” Mark Menscer of Menscer Motorsports is hanging out working his suspension tuning magic. Former NBA superstar Hammonds is fielding his car show-quality 1969 Chevy Camaro in NMCA Edelbrock Xtreme Street with power courtesy of a Vortech supercharged 364 ci LS engine from Steve Morris.

Father and son team of James Noel (left) and Jared Noel (right) are both racing this weekend in NMCA categories, with James in familiar ARP Nitrous Pro Street entry and Jared in MagnaFuel Open Comp after three years off. James’s Wally Stroupe Race Cars-built 1969 Ford Mustang went straight as an arrow to run 4.573 at 158.45 mph during the first NPS qualifying session for a mid-field result while Jared, behind the wheel of his father’s 1971 Mustang Mach 1, sat ninth in the qualifying order after two sessions with an 0.027-second reaction time. Both will be on the hunt for improvement during today’s runs.

Ralph Trimmer of Spicewood, Texas drives a long way to compete at each event on the annual NMCA tour, but it doesn’t bother him one bit, as he loves to belt into his 1972 Cutlass powered by a 468 cubic-inch Oldsmobile for Detroit Truetrac Nostalgia Muscle. While he had been running the 12.75 index, he made some changes to his car over winter and has stepped up. He added new TRZ front suspension, locked out his distributor, added a restrictor plate system that he purchased from Marko Performance Design and put a fresh set of Mickey Thompson Pro Bracket Radials around his wheels. The changes helped him achieve an 11.78 on an 11.75 index yesterday and he’s currently qualified in the seventh spot out of fifteen cars going into the next round of qualifying today. Trimmer, who often speaks highly of his fellow competitors, also plans to put a TRZ anti-roll bar under his classic car when he gets home.

Brad Medlock is here this weekend competing in Mickey Thompson Tires X275 with his 1990 Mustang. Medlock acquired the car from fellow X275 racer Eric Moore, and has been racing the car at various events while his new Pro 275 Corvette is finished. The Mustang features a Disomma Racing Engines bullet running FuelTech EFI tuned by Justin McChesney, and we caught up with the team as crew chief Barry Phillippi directed the warm-up procedure.

Barry Camp is a favorite among his fellow racers and race fans, and for good reason. The Georgian is friendly off-track, and fierce on-track, and his cars are chock-full of character. While he has been racing his 1966 Biscayne for years, he’s racing his 1962 Bel-Air Sports Coupe Bubble Top this weekend. It’s powered by a 409 cubic-inch Chevrolet, which his longtime engine builder Lamar Walden began building prior to passing away, and was completed by his son, Rob Walden, last year. It’s running well for Camp, as he is currently qualified in the eighth spot with a 9.12 on a 9.00 index in Quick Fuel Technology Nostalgia Super Stock, with more qualifying scheduled for today. “This is my first race of the year, and the car is running great,” said Camp, a Vietnam veteran. “I haven’t had to do much to it this weekend, but if I have to, I’m ready to make adjustments to the air pressure in the front and back tires.”

Steve Satchell, who had been competing in Proform LSX Rumble presented by Chevrolet Performance, made the move to LME Street King presented by Chevrolet Performance before the NMCA season opener in March. “I switched categories because I wanted to move from foot-braking to trans-braking,” said Satchell. The Tennessean is relying on the same LS engine he had been running in his 2012 Corvette, and he recently installed a new Ford 9-inch rear end and four-link under his car, and is working on getting his car dialed in. With a 10.44, he dipped under his 10.50 index in early qualifying, and will attempt to slow down slightly in the next round of qualifying.

Chip King is sporting a new sponsor on his Dreamworks Motorsports-backed and supercharged 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1’s injector hat: Friends of Joe Biden. King, who calls the car “The Motengator” and hails from North Carolina, is working to dial in the car’s potent combination during NMCA VP Racing Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod this weekend.

After collecting numerous wins in both the Dodge//Mopar HEMI Shootout and the HHP Racing HEMI Quick 8 eliminator, Alan Scruggs and car owner Kevin Smith set their Dodge Demon aside as they purchased this 2021 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak in August of 2021. The team tested in Bradenton just prior to racing at the NHRA event in Gainesville, Florida, and are now making laps at their first NMCA race in Holley EFI Factory Super Cars.

Syracuse, New York’s John Bova has visited the NMCA on occasion with his 1982 Camaro, and is here to chase the RTRA points that are up for grabs at this event. Bova’s F-body packs a BTR Performance-built, 588ci big-block Chevy based on a Dart block and Edelbrock cylinder heads. The engine makes over 1,160hp alone, and several hundred more with the single direct-port nitrous kit engaged. Tyler Bedell handles the driving duties and the team hopes to improve on their 4.69 effort today.

Carl Tasca put on a big smoke show at the top end of the track during round 2 of qualifying on Friday evening. The run was going great when things suddenly went wrong. After assessing their Cobra Jet Mustang, Tasca’s team is wondering if they didn’t encounter something on track, as there was damage to the front fascia, engine diaper, and the bottom of the oil pan, along with a window in the driver’s side of the block. In any case, they were mid engine change on Saturday morning and should get it wrapped up in time for the final qualifying run tonight.

A few years ago, Karl Langefeld had his 1969 Road Runner in the car show at the NMCA event at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida, and when he saw all of the Quick Fuel Technology Nostalgia Super Stock cars, he wanted to join them. So, he sold that car and purchased a 1964 Dodge 330 in 2021 committed to the very cool category that year. The car, which is powered by a 512 Wedge, is a rolling tribute to the famous Ramchargers racing team, and Langefeld has it dialed in for the 11.00 index. He tracked down a fuel pump wiring issue this weekend at the Scoggin Dickey Parts Center NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals presented by MAHLE Motorsport at Rockingham Dragway, and is qualified in the sixteenth spot with a 10.98 on an 11.00 index, with eliminations set to begin soon. “I’m still new at this and I’m learning a lot, but I’m having fun while I’m at it,” said Langefeld, whose wife, Beth, is his crew chief.

Dart NA 10.5 driver Dwight Ausmus, seen here with Steve Mastalier, crew chief for fellow Dart NA 10.5 driver David Theisen, shared that today is Mastalier’s birthday, and the close-knit — but competitive — category is celebrating him. Following today’s qualifying sessions, Ausmus and Theisen will turn their focus to the first round of eliminations, where the competition is sure to be fierce. 

Mike Davis drove to a 10.001 on a 10.00 to lead qualifying in Quick Fuel Technology Nostalgia Super Stock, and is ready to rumble in the first round of eliminations. There are sixteen other racers who are also ready to give it everything they have, but Davis remains confident in his 1966 GTO which is powered by a 421 cubic-inch Pontiac, and is rolling on new Viking double adjustable shocks and fresh PST suspension components. “The track is awesome, and I’m ready,” said Davis, who is supported this weekend by his girlfriend, Erica Harper, who is on site, and his daughter, Brooke Davis, who couldn’t make it but has been checking in to see how it’s going.

Jim Morgan purchased his super-fine 1964 Fury back in 2002, and has been racing the wheels off of it since. The car is powered by a 426 Max Wedge and a V8 transmission with six-cylinder internals. Making it even cooler is the original push-button shifter on the dash. Morgan, of Wilson, North Carolina, is qualified in the fifteenth spot with a 10.52 on an 11.55 in Fastest Street Car Stock Eliminator. “My car has been running a little off lately, and I’m trying to find out why,” said Morgan, who also competes in the Carolina Class Racers Association and NHRA. “I just put a fresh set of spark plugs in, and that probably won’t fix the issue, but it should help.”

Lesson of the day, perform regular maintenance, particularly on your index car. LME Street King racer Al Corda went sailing past the last turn off in the shut down area after finding out he had no brakes. He was able to return to the pit, and enlisted the help of Street King champion, Kurt Anderson, to find out what was wrong. After finding the front brake fluid reservoir empty, Anderson checked the front brakes to find out that the front pads were gone, and one of the brake caliper pistons had actually worn through the steel backing plate and was metal-on-metal with the rotor. Luckily, Anderson had a spare set of pads and made the necessary repairs to get Corda back into competition this weekend.

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