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Saturday Coverage 18th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem

Posted By: Mike Galimi

Competition heats up at the 18th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines as most classes lock in their qualifying performances at Bradenton Motorsports Park. Meanwhile, racers in Chevrolet Performance Stock presented by Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center, Dodge // Mopar HEMI Shootout, and TorqStorm Superchargers True Street classes race to settle who will take a trip to the Aerospace Components Winner's Circle in a wide range of ET categories today. And, of course, there is a crowd of cars in the car show to check out, as well as a host of manufacturers displaying the latest performance gear on the midway. Stay tuned right here for updates throughout the day.

To check out the full qualifying results, click HERE.

For elimination results as they happen, click HERE.

Here's a look at how the action will unfold today at the 18th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines. Looking to sit it out on Saturday to save the wear on his transmission, VP Racing Fuels Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod racer Randy Adler is happy with how his 521-powered 1957 Bel Air is performing this weekend, saying the car and the driver both showed up at the 18th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines. He was in the second qualified spot after two rounds, but if he dropped two far in round three, he promised to pull the car out of the trailer. True to his word, Adler ran in Q4, where he clicked off a 3.70 at 206.76 mph to lock in the third qualified spot.

During Shark Week, Robert Remek added teeth to his Shark Gray 2015 Corvette and people loved them some much that they stayed put. Running a fresh, 326-cube engine boosted by a ProCharger F-1A94 blower and cooled by a two-nozzle meth injection system, it ran a 9.80 during testing on Friday. However, Remek backed it off for the 10-second class in Torqstorm Superchargers True Street.

Alan Miller III, whose family owns BMR Suspension, definitely has the cool mom at Bradenton Motorsports Park. She turned over the keys to her TrackHawk, which Miller is running in the Dodge // Mopar HEMI Shootout. After making some practice eighth-mile hits this week, he was excited to let the family truckster rip in quarter-mile competition. He aiming for the 11-second category in the class.

While Cobra Jets topped the charts so far in Holley EFI Factory Super Cars, Terry Munroe's 2019 COPO Camaro is running strong at the 18th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines. Still running a Patterson-prepped engine with over 50 runs on it, Munroe's combo benefits from a new transmission and torque converter from RPM Transmissions. He is looking to repeat in the 7.80 range during qualifying before stepping on it in eliminations.

You never know what you might see in the car show at the 18th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines. There is a wide variety of American muscle on display this, but this 1962 Pontiac Gasser definitely stands out among the crowd.

Bill Skillman temporarily vaulted to the top of the Holley EFI Factory Super Cars qualifying sheet in the second round on the merits of a 7.72 at 176 blast. He is expecting big things from the class competitors this weekend. This is Disneyland air, he said of Saturday's conditions. I would be surprised if you don't see .60s. He didn't get there in round three, but his prediction did come true. Despite his car's strong performance, Skillman says he is running a more conservative engine combo that is biased toward durability. He says much of what the team learned in the offseason was about the gearing, shift points, and suspension setup.

Struggling early on, Andrew Handras and his team were getting a handle on a combination with a lot of fresh changes. His VP Racing Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod entry moves at the behest of a new 959-cube engine combo and the fuel injection system. He is new to EFI and if that weren't enough of a challenge, the chassis also received several updates for this season as well. That said he was confident they would get the car sorted and competitive this weekend at the 18th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines.

A regular in Late Model Engines Street King, Terry Faust loves racing his 2002 Corvette in a class that blends streetable performance with quick elapsed times. He purchased the car new as a daily commuter and quickly caught the boost bug after adding a ProCharger. He ran through several combos, but currently a Dart LS NEXT-based 388 built by Jared Gall powers the 3,450-pound car to high-eights. Reined in by a boost controller, a ProCharger F-1A93 pushes 25 psi of peak boost to deliver those times from the Jeff Heintz-assembled car that still carries its registration. Faust simply swaps the parachute for a license plate if he wants to take it for a cruise back home in North Carolina.

Running the same basic combo this year in Edelbrock Xtreme Street, Archie Marasco added a supercharger to his 434-cube small-block last year. He plans to pull it after the event for upgrades including a new torque converter, but this weekend he is chipping away at the tuneup in hopes of running deeper into the 4.70 range at the 18th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines.

Between rounds of Friday qualifying in Dart Machinery NA 10.5 presented by Diamond Pistons, Tony Petrovski's crew swapped out rear carriers seeking the best ratio to apply his 1992 Mustang's power to the track. With the new cogs in back, they hoped to improve upon the Fox's 9.06 at 169 mph in the first round of qualifying at the 18th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines. It worked, as he clicked off an 8.20 at 165 mph in Q2.

Making the short trip down from Ocala, Florida, Mike French brought his gorgeous 1967 Camaro out to run in Torqstorm Superchargers True Street at Bradenton Motorsports Park. Powered by a 567-cube engine running on 93-octane pump gas, his machine typically runs 9.70s on motor and 8.70s on the juice, so he usually guns for the 9-second category in the class.

Running strong among the Watson Racing-supported Ford Mustang Cobra Jets in Holley EFI Factory Super Cars was Tripp Carter's chariot. Benefiting from off-season upgrades, the Chicken Man CJ ran a 7.73 at 179 in the first round of qualifying and Carter expects to be in the hunt for a trip to the Aerospace Components Winner's Circle. His 7.73 at 179.40 blast in the second round of qualifying on Friday confirmed that his expectations are on target thus far at the 18th Annual NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem Presented by Holbrook Racing Engines.

Ted Hughes is debuting his new 2019 COPO Camaro in Holley EFI Factory Super Cars this weekend. Hughes has been 8.01 so far and when asked said It has a lot more in it. He plans to run the complete NMCA schedule in 2020.
Craig Sullivan is a long time VP Racing Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod racer, who recently brought his Larry Jeffers built Daytona to Jeffers Racecars for adjustments. Sullivan found some serious power coming into the 2020 NMCA season and plans to use all of it in his newly wrapped machine.
Dustin and Lindsay Wheelock are racing out of the Mike Alsop racer team this weekend here at Bradenton Motorsports Park. Dustin is competing in Holley EFI Factory Super Cars in the COPO Camaro, and Lindsay is piloting the Dodge Demon in the Dodge // Mopar HEMI Shootout. Lyndsay ran a personal best yesterday with a 10.1 @ 134 mph.

Don Baskin is as prolific a racer as they come, and usually competes in two heads-up classes at most NMCA events. Yesterday morning, his Dart Machinery NA 10.5 presented by Diamond Pistons car picked up the front wheels going through the traps. He pulled the shoot and the car veered towards the wall, making contact. Repairs were made to continue, but later in the day, Baskin had a bad wreck in his ARPNitrous Pro Street GTO, that isn't repairable.
The NMCA media team has expanded this weekend as ProMedia intern Morgan Hixon and Randy Adler Jr. are helping out here Bradenton Motorsports Park for the NMCA Muscle Car Mayhem event. Morgan is a Marketing major at the University of South Florida while Randy is here supporting his family who are competing in the VP Racing Fuels Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod category with their '57 Chevy.
While Crystal Riddle is an experienced dirt car-driver, she recently accepted an offer to climb into the driver's seat of Jeff Mount's Camaro for some drag racing, and she hasn't stopped smiling since. After boarding a plane for the first time, she flew from her home in Jackson, Tennessee to Florida for this weekend's race, where she has so far recorded a 7.64 and 7.26 in Mount's car powered by a small-block Chevy in a Fastest Street Car Bracket category. Soon, Mount will organize a race to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research, and Riddle will be behind the wheel.
After crashing in his Trans Am at this event last March, Ray Cox spent the year rebuilding, and had a ton of help from his son and crew chief, Brad Cox, who lightened the car up in the process. When they were done, they sent the car, which was black, to Paul Heuring Ford in Hobart, Indiana to be painted white. Cox made a few passes in Ultra Street at the U.S. Street Nationals in January, and is back in Edelbrock Xtreme Street action this weekend, where he hopes to make some solid passes with the help of his nitrous-enhanced 550 cubic-inch Pontiac engine and an RPM Transmissions-built Turbo 400.
The beautiful black 1969 F100 owned by Grant Conine and built and driven by Jimmy Griner is attracting a lot of attention this weekend. The big, bad truck features a 540 cubic-inch big-block engine built by Griner and fronted with a ProCharger, and according to Griner, the combination cranks out 1,800 horsepower. While Griner usually competes in a heads-up category at events at South Georgia Motorsports Park, he's competing in MagnaFuel Open Comp at this event in the 4,000-pound truck which runs 9.50s.
Kimberly Richard of North Port, Florida, is competing in the brackets this weekend in her 1984 Monte Carlo SS. She started racing just three years ago, and while she also owns a rare SS Aerocoupe, she and her husband wisely chose to pick up something else to play with at the track. This particular G-body packs a 408ci engine and has gone as quick as 7.1 seconds.
Craig Cerniglia of Florida is here has been racing for 35 years and picked up his 1969 Chevelle in 2014. It features a chassis by Worthy Motorsports and an engine by Mike Thompson and he is competing in the ARP Nitrous Pro Street category this weekend.
Daren Poole-Adams of Shelby, North Carolina, is racing his 2019 CRC 50th anniversary COPO Camaro with the #001 serial number in Coan Engineering Stock/ Super Stock Combo. This weekend at Bradenton Motorsports Park is the first time this car has seen the racetrack. Poole-Adams is no newbie to the NMCA series, though, as he was an ambassador for the 50th anniversary COPO Camaro shootout last year in Norwalk, Ohio, and brought out five COPO's of his own. This car runs a COPO 302ci-spec, direct-injected engine and on only its second pass, it clocked a 9.56-second run, well under the NHRA index of 10.95 and the IHRA index of 11.25 for his Stock Eliminator class.
Jimmy Dahl is making his NMCA debut this weekend in the Edelbrock Xtreme Street class in a clean, black Fox-body Mustang. The chassis is owned by his friend, but the drivetrain and all of the components are his own. A former NMRA competitor, Dahl has been racing since 1998, and the first pass this weekend netted a 4.85 at 146 mph and a following pass was 4.77. Anthony Manna is handling the tuning duties this weekend and Dahl, who plans to run the entire series this year, said he is here to aggravate people.

Likely the first time we've ever seen this happen, but Tom Bailey is running in the Xtreme Pro Mod category with his Sick Seconds 2.0 Camaro, and later today he will be the honorary lead vehicle for the 30-mile True Street cruise. Bailey and his car are multi-time Drag Week winners and the first to ever run a 5-second pass.

The Dodge // Mopar HEMI Shootout has dozens of cars entered this weekend and Jeff Smith's Challenger 1320 has been a point of interested for several competitors. Dodge offers a complimentary NMCA membership with each 1320 model purchase. Smith's car runs low 11s in the quarter-mile.
Dart Machinery NA 10.5 presented by Diamond Pistons hotshot John Langer is hauling. With a 7.76 from his Trans Am packing a 575 cubic-inch BES-built Pontiac engine, he's leading a field of very competitive cars with one more round of qualifying to go. In addition to being a personal best in NMCA trim for Langer, the 7.76 was quicker than the 7.78 Rich Nye set the class record with last year. When we stopped by Langer's pit area after his pass, he was simply sitting in a chair relaxing, even and not touching his car before the upcoming final round of qualifying. The air was good and even better than yesterday, and there was a tailwind, which helped, said Langer. I think somebody can get to 7.60s today.
Rob Orofiamma of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and his equally-committed crew made the long haul to compete in ARP Nitrous Pro Street this weekend, and Rob has already displayed some serious driving skills. In the second round of qualifying, his Mustang made a move, forcing Orofiamma to fight to keep it off the wall, and to everyone's relief, he did. We had added power to try to get aggressive, and the car made a hard left turn after the 60-foot, said Orofiamma, who has under his hood a nitrous-enhanced 580 cubic-inch Chevy built by Oakley Motorsports and topped with conventional heads and who is currently qualified in the third spot with a 4.83. We're taking a look at the tune now. We want to win, but we also need to get down track and might take a little power out.
Keith Vaughn is here racing his C4 Corvette in Chevrolet Performance Stock this weekend. Vaughn put a 10.14 on the board this weekend, which is his fastest CPS-legal ET. He has only missed 3 races in the last six years, and plans to run the full schedule once again.
Dale Arnold is racing with the Dodge//Mopar Hemi Shootout for his second time this weekend. Arnold is out here with his two sons who are eyeing the driver's seat. He is making licensing runs this weekend and has been as fast as 8.82
At the NMCA race at Beech Bend Raceway in Kentucky two years ago, the 12-bolt rearend under Detroit Truetrac Nostalgia Muscle Car driver Ken Weilbrenner's super-clean Chevelle let go just as he won the race, and then, he took a break from racing in the series. He's back in action this weekend though, with a fresh 12-bolt under his car, as well as a 565 cubic-inch big-block Chevy by BES Racing Engines under his hood. The Georgia resident also installed a new set of rear disc brakes, and pulled some extra weight from his car. He qualified in the tenth spot 9.84 on a 9.75 index and is preparing for the first round of eliminations.
Kurt Anderson, Shawn Calabrese and Tom Calabrese are teammates this weekend, as Kurt, whose wheel-standing Camaro is back home in Wisconsin, is behind the wheel of Shawn's blue Firehawk for Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series LME Street King and MagnaFuel Open Comp, while Shawn is behind the wheel of his red Firebird for Chevrolet Performance Stock and his father, Tom, is behind the wheel of his orange Camaro for Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series' Proform Rumble and Chevrolet Performance Street Car Challenge. We thought the three friends and fellow racers would be going over strategies when we stopped by their pit area today, but instead they were kicked back and eating cookies.

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