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S197 Roll Cage for 2010-2014 Mustangs By Fathouse Fabrications

Posted By: nmrasalesdept

Ensure your car meets the NHRA safety standards with Fathouse Fabrications 8.50-spec, weld-in cage kit. The kit includes the dash bar, steering column mounts, cage floor plates, and dash plates. Countless hours were spent developing Fathouse Fabrications' S197 roll cage kits to insure proper fitment and give you a professional fitting cage. Installing a cage in your car is a job that requires patience and skill, and Fathouse Fabrications has put its years of experience in fitting cages tightly in street cars to produce what it believes is the best fitting cage kit you can buy. All cage kits are CNC-cut to ensure precise fitment every time and made in the USA. Cage features include 1/8-inch steel floor plates, cold roll so there is no scale to grind off, 1 5/8-inch Chromoly tubing, pre-bent and notched, pre-notched 1 1/4-inch Chromoly D Bars, steering column mounts, and dash trim plates to finish out your cage and keep the dash looking clean. Two options for seat back brace one for stock seats and one for racing seats are offered and Fathouse Fabrications offers bolt-in seat mounts for Kirkey Racing seats and other fixed-back racing seats. Your windshield will need to be removed for installation, and notching of the dash will be required to fit with the new cage bars, along with slight trimming of the rear deck lid and rear side panels. Your carpet will also need trimmed to fit with the new cage. Standard truck shipping is flat rate $200 and will arrive on a pallet local pickup is free. For more information, contact Fathouse Fabrications at (317) 422-1660 or visit  

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