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Racer Spec IDIDIT's Pro-Fab product line caters to racers and car builders

Posted By: nmrasalesdept
Written By Steve Baur Photography by Steph Bardekoff and Kevin DiOssi IDIDIT has long been known as one of the top aftermarket steering column manufacturers and it took a step towards the racing market a while back with its Pro-Lite product line, which offered factory looks with a lightweight design. Now, the company offers its Pro-Fab product line for serious racers and car builders who are looking for the utmost in weight savings and performance. Currently, the Pro-Fab product line includes numerous direct-fit applications that come with the main mounting brackets welded on to the main tube already for an easy, bolt-in installation. Of course, the Pro-Fab columns lose the factory style look to shed unwanted pounds and are designed with racing in mind. The Pro-Fab columns are designed for drag racing, road racing, autocross, and off-road racing, and when paired with IDIDIT's quick release hub and a lightweight racing steering wheel, can save significant weight over the factory steering assemblies. Installation is pretty simple, and we followed along as Eric Bardekoff of EB Customs installed an IDIDIT Pro-Fab column in his S550 Mustang. Sources EB Custom Works (516) 780-5039   IDIDIT (517) 424-0577   Captions

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