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Protecting Your Investment

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
There is no denying that race cars are a sizable investment. We spends thousands of dollars in our quest to go ever quicker and faster, and that investment could literally crash in seconds leaving its value greatly diminished, or in some cases, a total loss. While we insure a great many things in our daily lives, our race cars aren't usually included in that, but there are insurance polices to cover everything from your show car to the most expensive quarter-mile killers. Eight years ago, Bill Lutz and David Rosen started Central Ohio Insurance Services with a focus on home, business and auto insurance, but before long, Lutz was asked by another insurance company if he would take to market on-track and off-track race car insurance. That insurance company didn't have anyone representing the race car insurance market properly, and because I was an insurance agent and a racer, they felt I could, said Lutz, who races a 69 Camaro Pro Mod with the NMCA and other series and has been at the track when a customer has wrecked and has processed the claim on-the-spot. That company ended up being bought out by another company, but I took the program.
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