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Proform Debuts Digital Variable Speed Fan Controller

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Content courtesy of Proform Maintaining a consistent engine temperature is the most efficient way to keep your engine cool. Many other fan controllers turn the fan on when the engine is getting too hot, and turn it off after expending a lot of energy cooling, creating unnecessary wear and tear from the constant expanding and contracting of the engine block. Hard turn-ons lead to amperage spikes, unwanted noise and wear on the engine components, all of which will be reduced substantially with Proform's 2nd Gen. Digital Variable Speed Fan Controller. New features unique to 2nd Gen model include:
  • Increased overall system amperage of 60 amps, which can power a single fan or dual fan setup
  • Introduction of a manual override wire
  • Addition of an air conditioning wire
  • An integrated warning light wire to indicate if the system is working properly
  • A probe wire connector for use with thread-in option to avoid entanglement of the wire
This variable speed fan controller runs the engine fan(s) at whatever speed is needed to maintain consistent temperature, which is set by using the simple push button digital display that is integrated into the controller. The controller receives a temperature signal from the radiator through either a push-in, or thread-in brass probe (both included). The fan controller processes this signal and runs the fan(s) at the optimal speed. The weather resistant anodized aluminum housing protects the controller internals, while a simple push button interface ensures easy setting by simply pushing + or - to set the temperature. The bright digital display shows both temperature measurements in F or C by toggling the Mode button. As a bonus, the display screen will also show live amp use, so you know how many amps your fan configuration is drawing from the vehicle's electrical system. Additional product features:
  • Single or dual fan compatible, variable speed controller
  • Black anodized aluminum housing
  • Includes thread-in and push-in probes with connector on wire
  • Increased amp capacity (30 amps per fan or 60 amps total)
  • Short circuit overload protection (E-fuse, one-click reset)
  • Easy-set, digital display shows amperage, as well as temperature in both F & C
  • Air conditioning on/off, manual override on/off and warning light wires
The part number is 69595. For more information, visit

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