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Proform Debuts 1-2-3 Series Radiator Systems

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Proform's new 1-2-3 Series Radiator Systems are an easy way to get a high-quality cooling system with a professionally-installed look. 1-2-3 Series Radiator Systems are completely assembled, ready to drop in and include the radiator, shroud or bracket, fan(s) and a thermostat controller for a complete cooling unit right out the box. Once users thread the thermostat probe into the tank and wire up the controller, they'll be driving down the street nice and cool ready for the show, streets or strip. If users just want a radiator to strap a fan to, or prefer a different brand fan to attach to a super slim shroud, no problem. 1-2-3 Series modular components are sold separately. 1-2-3 Series Radiator Systems features: Radiator, shroud, fan(s) and thermostat assembled right out of the box Patented Four-Corner design (US D891,327 S) All aluminum construction, tig-welded tanks, and leak tested Dual tube, single pass radiator Optimized louver design to maximize cooling Deep draw deaders for extra solid tube/header seal Billet aluminum cap and filler neck with high-capacity overflow tube Modular components are the same quality components the company uses to build the 1-2-3 Systems, available in a 3 Stage Series that integrates perfectly into the next. This translates into an easy install for users, who just mount the components together through the pre-threaded, aligned bolt holes for a professional, custom-like fit with the patented Four Corner look. For more information, visit (Content courtesy of Proform Parts)

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