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Proform Covers Your Rear

Posted By: Evan J. Smith


Complete YOUR Look from Front to REAR!

Bring the Bowtie love back, or to the rear, with reinforced Bowtie Differential Covers in the popular Cast Gray Crinkle finish. Not only a great look for your rear axle, but also strengthens the rear housing case, reducing flex and extending gear life in heavy torque situations.

The Bowtie emblem is prominently displayed with a precision CNC-milled finish. Each cover includes two adjustable bolts to stabilize bearing main caps; fluid capacity and magnetic drain plugs; and mounting bolts. Cast Gray Chevy Bowtie Differential Covers not only look great and they can be installed in just a few minutes without special tools.

Part No. 141-694........GM, 7.5 (10 Bolt)



Part No. 141-698........GM, 8.2/8.5 (10 Bolt) Part No. 141-699........GM, 12 Bolt, Passenger Car

Stiffens Main Cap Area for Housing Flex Reduction

Increases Gear Life

Decrease Ring Deflection

CNC Milled Chevy Bowtie Emblem

Includes: Two Bearing Main Cap Stabilizing Bolts, Fluid Capacity Plug, Magnetic Drain Plug, and

Mounting Hardware

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