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Moroso DS-2 Drag Race Front Tires

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Moroso DS-2 Drag Race Front Tires
Reducing weight and improving efficiency are hallmarks of drag strip performance. We’re often shaving weight wherever possible, but it inside the engine, driveline or anywhere you can exchange or remove an unnecessary a part.
One area you may have not considered is the tires. Much like wheels, tires must be accelerated from a standing start and it takes power to move them. Hence, lighter tires are easier to accelerate and switching to lighter ones will often improve performance.
When it comes to front tires, there’s an added benefit beyond reducing parasitic drag with lighter tires. Light, narrow rubber also improves weight transfer, which can help place more load on the rear tires during launch.
Sporting an aircraft-inspired tread design, Moroso’s DS-2 Drag Race Front Tires deliver high-speed stability, lighter weight, and reduced rolling resistance. Featuring a four-ply nylon, bias-ply construction, and a high-strength bead, the tires reduce tire walk on the top end and maintain durability when mounted. They are tested to 225 mph and 1,000 pounds of load. 
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