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Performance Product Showcase March 2021

Posted By: nmrasalesdept
TorqStorm Superchargers has launched its new competition 2XR series. Generating 1200-plus horsepower, these new twin supercharger systems are robust and light. Weight is dramatically reduced by the elimination of belt-driven accessories usually unnecessary for competition vehicles. In addition, each supercharger is driven by its own auto tensioned 8-rib belt and pulley assembly for superior belt traction. However, accessories are available: water pump, alternator, power-steering pump, and in most cases air conditioning components can be added to American V8 engines. Already available to suit Chevrolet, Pontiac, Ford, Mopar, and AMC, prices start at $5,500. Protected by TorqStorm's lifetime warranty and simple installation procedures, kits are available in two finishes: natural and black anodized. For more information on the 2XR series contact TorqStorm Superchargers at (616) 706-5580 or visit
New Front Accessory Components from TorqStorm Superchargers
Supercharger options: TorqStorm adds belt-driven accessories to SBF, BBF, Ford FE, and Ford 351 Cleveland
Grand Rapids, Michigan: TorqStorm has revealed what is likely to be the industry's first complete supercharger kits and accessories for Ford engines.
Named Plus, these new kits introduce convenience that includes a Sanden air conditioning compressor, Turn One power steering pump, and Powermaster alternator. Though Plus versions upgrade TorqStorm's single supercharger kits, their twin systems have incorporated these accessories since their inception. The Plus, however, is a separate and independent series and cannot be added to a single system.
Plus kits provide two serpentine belts, an eight-rib pulley to drive the supercharger and a six-rib to impel the accessories and all necessary parts, including custom-designed crank pulley, two self-adjusting tensioners, a blow-off valve, hat, and air filter plus mounting brackets and fasteners.
Available in natural alloy or black anodized finish, TorqStorm Plus kits are available to order now. Base prices, which include the above-mentioned accessories, are $6,950 and $4,950 for twin and single respectively.
For more information on the 2XR series contact TorqStorm Superchargers at (616) 706-5580 or visit
IDIDIT Lightweight Steering Columns
IDIDIT's lightweight steering columns are American Engineered and Manufactured. Our lightweight steering columns come in two different styles. The Pro-Lite Series steering column can go from street to strip featuring turn signals, 4-way flashers and a wiring plug. The Pro-Lite columns weight in at just under 6 pounds, saving you up to 20 pounds of weight. The Pro-Fab Series steering columns are designed more for drag, autocross, road course, and off-road racing in mind. The Pro-Fab columns are direct factory replacements and bolt directly to the factory mounting points and are customizable for Driver fit and comfort. This column weighs between 3-6 pounds depending on your application saving you up to 20 pounds of weight. The of the IDIDIT lightweight steering columns are engineered for superior fit, finish and performance and can be install quickly and easily. Both columns also pair nicely with the IDIDIT Quick Release Steering Hubs. For more information, visit or call (517) 424-0577.
IDIDIT Quick Release Steering Hubs
IDIDIT now produces Quick Release Steering Hubs that are ideal for racers who require a removable steering wheels. The IDIDIT Performance Quick-Release Steering Hub now come standard with a centering pin that assures perfect wheel centering every time, the centering pin is removable for drivers who prefer a non-centered configuration, as is popular in circle track and Sprint Car racing. All IDIDIT Performance Quick Release Hubs are SFI certified and Manufactured in America with tight tolerances that eliminate backlash in the steering wheel for tight steering and feel. Our Quick Release Steering Hubs come in 3 bolt, 5 bolt, and 6 bolt styles with center splines that are available in several configurations including OEM style splines. For more information, visit or call (517) 424-0577.
Livernois Motorsports MyCalibrator Tuner Livernois Motorsports & Engineering is a leader in the OE and aftermarket automotive industry, specializing in performance parts, service and tuning. The second generation MyCalibrator Tuner pairs cutting-edge technology with tunes designed to extract maximum performance. Until now, the MyCalibrator Tuner was only available with Livernois-specific tunes limited to late-model Ford, GM and Chrysler cars and trucks. With the introduction of the Professional line of MyCalibrator Tuners, local and remote tuning shops can now purchase and pair this special MyCalibrator Tuner with their own custom calibrations for your specific vehicle. The Professional line of MyCalibrator Tuners key features include:
  • Real-time data logging (both user and dealer configurable)
  • Up to six live display gauges
  • Stores original tune and several custom tune files
  • Clear/read DTC codes
  • Cloud updatable
  • Built in Service Functions allow for diagnostics and vehicle configuration adjustments
Each MyCalibrator Tuner is easy to operate thanks to its color LCD touch screen and comes with all necessary cables. Whether you are a tuning company looking to offer an easy-to-use tuner for your customer, or a vehicle owner wanting to utilize the latest in hardware, the MyCalibrator line of tuners has an option that can fit your needs. For more information search P/N LPP651000 at or call 313-561-5500 for more information.
Performance Distributors Rev Limiting Module for DUI/HEI Distributors
Our new internal Rev Limiting Module is now available for all DUI/HEI distributors! This high dwell module is designed to provide superior performance, just like our standard 4 pin Dyna-Module, but incorporates rev limiting capabilities. The easy to use dip switch settings allow you to limit the engines revolutions in any increment of 100 starting at 500 up to a maximum of 9500 rpm's. Installation is simple as this module mounts in the same location as stock by replacing the entire module and wiring harness assembly. If you need to change the rpm limit at the track, you can do so by simply removing your distributor cap. No external rpm limiter box, eliminating a maze of wiring for you. Compatible with 4, 6 and 8 cylinder DUI/HEI distributors.
All it takes is a small blade screw driver to adjust the DIP switches to your desired rpm limit. Easy to follow instructions and diagrams are included. Very user friendly! You can order this module incorporated into your DUI Distributor or purchase it separately. For more information, call (901) 396-5782 or visit
Precision Shaft Technologies Carbon Fiber Driveshafts
The carbon fiber driveshaft is a perfect answer to long, high RPM applications such as Pro- Mod and can be engineered for any amount of horsepower. Years of use by many RVW and Pro Mod teams have proven the reliability and power of Precision Shaft Technologies carbon driveshafts. Many drag racers experience increase in performance, quicker acceleration and better 60-foot times just by choosing a carbon fiber driveshaft. Plus, there are important safety benefits to drivers. For more information, visit or call (888) 575-7888.

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