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Pack Mentality MMR pushes the potential of Ford's Coyote platform into the four-digit stratosphere

Posted By: nmrasalesdept
Right out of the factory, Ford's Coyote engines are potent performers and when paired with power adders, they deliver incredible performance. However, as racers start to push deep into four-digit territory, the output can exceed what factory engineers imagined in their wildest dreams. Fortunately, the aftermarket is here to help, and leading that charge is the crew at Modular Motorsports Racing. The company's president and race team owner Mark Luton, along with general manager Greg Seth-Hunter, have long competed in VP Racing Lubricants Xtreme Pro Mod with Mustangs powered by Coyote engines built at MMR. Pushing these engines at the track led the company to develop a full line of engines and upgrades, which includes its line of GenX engines, which are designed for mega-power machines. The MMR GenX Engine and all of its components have specifically addressed the shortcomings / failures of factory parts at that hp and rpm level, MMR President Mark Luton explained. Whether it be the billet block, the MMR double-row secondary timing chains, or the billet timing guides and tensioners. Every time we have encountered a failure, we have innovated to find a solution. A major component to making these engines live is obviously the company's own billet engine blocks, which are available in standard- and tall-deck versions. These blocks have the strength to pick up where the factory units tap out and keep pushing into the stratosphere. The block was one of the first hurdles, making much beyond 2,300 horsepower with a factory or aftermarket casting is impossible, Luton said. Our billet block addressed that concern and potentially takes the power potential toward the 5,000-horsepower mark time will tell just how far we can push it. Pushing the limits of failure allows us to create nearly indestructible parts for the average enthusiast. By developing and testing in house in our Superflow engine test cell or at the racetrack, we can take things from concept to prototype to final product all under one roof in a short period of time, he added. And, be confident in its quality and performance so that when we give it to our customer, we know they are getting the best available, not a copy or something that was never tested prior to release. This is why so many of our components carry lifetime warranties. If you need a mega-power Coyote, MMR offers these engines based on its Pro Mod Gen X Billet Block. The company fills them with a MMR billet steel crankshafts, oversize ARP head and main studs; billet alloy rods with ARP hardware; MMR/Manley GenX Pistons with .866 Gen X pins; Total Seal AP series steel rings; and more. The MMR GenX engine targets all power levels above 2,000 horsepower, he said. It is designed for light street use to full race use in all classes. We have proven that it can be competitive all the way up to the Pro Mod category. From billet timing and cam covers to chain guides and tensioners, MMR offers a wide array of robust gear for the modern Coyote platform. Source: Modular Motorsport Racing (805) 383-4130  

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