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Nostalgia Super Stock—Wheels-Up Classics NMCA Style

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Nostalgia Super Stock—Wheels-Up Classics NMCA Style
By Evan J. Smith
If ever there’s a category that fits the National Muscle Car Association (NMCA) mantra, it’s Quick Fuel Technologies Nostalgia Super Stock. While the “Muscle Car” moniker may have come in 1964 with the introduction of the Pontiac GTO, American muscle was alive and well long before the term was coined.
In the early 1960s, large-displacement V8 engines were fitted to cars from Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford and Plymouth and they battled weekly in NASCAR Stock Car competition and on drag strips across the United States. Engines like the 406 Ford, 426 Max Wedge Mopars and 409 Chevrolets went at it in grand fashion. The mid-60’s arrived and so did the HEMI, 427 Ford and the big-block Chevy.
These cars and many of the drivers gained hero status and they hold a special place in the heart of car enthusiasts both young and old. Thankfully, many of these 1960s hot rods are still found going wheels-up at NMCA events.
Not surprisingly, NMCA has a few offerings for those wanting to drag race Stock and Super Stock vehicles and for fans who love the thrill of hearing and seeing a 426 HEMI do battle with a 409 or a dual-quad 427 Ford. These classes include the aforementioned QFT Nostalgia Super Stock, Erson Cams Nostalgia Muscle, Micro Strategies Stock and Micro Strategies Super Stock.
Nostalgia Super Stock is today’s subject. It’s an NMCA championship category, and racer compete on an index-style handicap. Driver must foot-brake off the line and you’ll be thrilled to see a wide range of body styles and engine combinations, all which accurately represent those cars, which raced in the A/FX and Super Stock classes of the ’60s and 1970s.
Certain exceptions in the authenticity of these cars are allowed. Among those exceptions, but not limited to, are factors concerning safety, equality in performance, availability and durability. Classification are based on a visual inspection and an e.t. range. No modifications, which alter the car from factory stock, are permitted unless they are specifically allowed in these rules, or as authorized by the rules committee.
Racers get honest and fair competition and fans get to live or relive the past as these warriors take to the track and push their 1960s classic cars to the limit, sometimes in high-flying fashion.
The following is a list of cars/engines, which are allowed to compete in the Nostalgia Super Stock class:
• AMC AMX: 1968-69; 390
• AMC Matador, The Machine: 1968-71; Big Blocks
• Chevrolet Full Bodied: 1959-64; 348 & 409s, Z11 427
• Chevrolet Full Bodied: 1965-67; 396-454
• Chevrolet Chevelle/Monte Carlo: 1964-71; 396-454
• Pontiac Full Bodied: 1959-67; 389-455
• Pontiac Parisienne: 1959-64; 348 or 409 
• Pontiac Tempest/GTO/Lemans/Grand Prix: 1961-71; 389-455 
• Ford Full Bodied: 1959-67; 390-427 
• Ford Thunderbolt: 1964; 427 
• Ford Torino, Fairlaine, Montego, Cyclone: 1968-71; Big Block (FE and 385 series permiteed)
• Ford Fairlane/Comet/Cyclone/Falcon: 1963-67; 390, 427 (FE and 385 series permiteed)
• Dodge/Plymouth Full Bodied: 1960-67; 383-440 wedge
• Dodge/Plymouth Full Bodied: 1964-67; Hemi
• Dodge/Plymouth Satellite, Road Runner, Coronet, RT, Super Bee, GTX: 1968-71; Big Block
• Dodge Charger: 1966-71; 383, 440, Hemi
• Buick Full Bodied (Including Special, Skylark & Grand Sport):1960- 71; 401-455
• Buick Skylark : 1964-67; 400-401-455
• Oldsmobile Full Bodied: 1960-67; 394-400-455
• Oldsmobile Cutlass/442: 1964-71; 400-455
• Dodge Dart/Barracuda: 1967-69; 383-440
• Dodge Dart/Barracuda: 1968; 426 Hemi

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