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NMCA NA 10.5 Combination Declaration Review

Posted By: Steve Baur
April 28, 2022—Attention NMCA NA 10.5 Competitors, the NMCA Tech Committee is conducting a review of every combination in the class.  
We need each/every competitor to please fill out a new Combination Declaration Form (the attached PDF file) for your current combination (or a combination you intend to compete with in the near future) and return to us no later than the end of the day, Thursday Friday, May 5, 2022 (Thursday next week).
It is important that you COMPLETELY fill out the attached form, including cylinder head, engine make, bore space, every adder or deduct and the final race weight you are claiming.  
Save it and email it back to us or Print it, fill it out by hand, take a picture and email back to us - by the end of business Thursday May 5th.

CLICK HERE for the PDF form.
Rules are posted on the NMCA website rules page:
Rule Requests or Questions for NMCA classes should be directed to [email protected].

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