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NMCA Factory Super Cars Rules update / parity adjustment released

Posted By: Steve Baur
May 23, 2022 – NMCA Tech Committee released a rules update on the ford combinations and a parity adjustment on the Chevrolet combinations today in Factory Super Cars. 
The adjustments to the Ford combinations have been implemented in an effort to help teams reduce engine block failure that has plagued the Ford combinations at the first three events this year, while maintaining parity with the other manufacturer combinations in the class.
The rules update for the Ford combinations released last week has been adjusted to the following:

The first change is dropping the max engine RPM for the 2019-2022 Ford 327 combination from 10,700 rpm to 10,200 rpm with an updated approved ECU Firmware List. 
The second change is to the 2019-2022 Ford 327 combination upper blower pulley, changing it from 3.625 to 3.500.  
The third change is a parity adjustment to the 2019-2022 GM 350 / 2.65L Magnuson combination base weight, dropping it from 3,575 to 3,525.
These changes are effective immediately. This includes the NMRA Ohio Ford Cobra Jet Invitational event at the NMRA Ford Performance Nationals, at Summit Motorsports Park, Norwalk Ohio on June 10-11,2022.
Rules are posted on the NMCA website rules page:
Rule Requests or Questions for these classes should be directed to:  [email protected]

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