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Posted By: Event Coverage Team
Effective Immediately 3-17-2016   The Minimum weight for NMCA and CPCS series, Chevrolet Performance Stock class entries is 3200 lbs.   A new Sealed Engine ECM (Electronic Control Module) Controller Part #19353299 is being introduced. The only change to the tune on this new controller is the RPM limiter which has been raised to 7000 RPM. This controller is currently available at Scoggin Dickey Parts Center at a special reduced MSRP price of $359.00 until 4-1-2016. Contact a SDPC Performance Sales Specialist for Details @ 800-456-0211.   The new Controller (part #19353299) will be allowed in NMCA and CPCS competition beginning 6-15-16. Both the old controller (part #19329004) and the new controller (part #19353299) will be allowed in NMCA and CPCS competition between June 15, 2016 and December 31, 2016.   Beginning January 1, 2017, the new controller (part #19353299) will be the only controller allowed in NMCA and CPCS competition.   Link to NMCA rules page - Link to CPCS rules page -  

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