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NMCA Approves New Chevrolet Performance Stock ECU/Calibration

Posted By: Steve Baur
February 1, 2022—Chevrolet Performance Engineers in conjunction with the NMCA Tech Committee have been working on multiple pieces of the calibration over the last 8 months. The 2022 ECU, part #19432871 is now finalized and set for the 2022 season.  
Starting today February 2nd, 2022, the new Calibration/ECU is available for purchase by CPS racers through Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center.  
This 2022 Calibration/ECU (part # 19432871) was developed to achieve better consistency, reliability, and repeatability of the engine/ECU package. 
Calibration changes in ECU #19432871 include:
·      Improved Engine Overspeed Protection which quickly restores accelerator pedal response after reaching rev-limit.
·      Locked Fuel Trims to 1.0 (which means racers will need to adjust fuel pressure to achieve desired AFR).
·      Disabled Knock Protection & Associated Sensor Diagnostics (with understanding engines have no warranty).
NMCA would like to recognize the Chevrolet Performance engineers for all their effort in testing and developing the new calibration. 
Rules are posted on the NMCA website rules page:
Rule Requests or Questions should be directed to the NMCA Tech Committee at [email protected]

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