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New Sizes! Mickey Thompson Pro Bracket Radials

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
New Sizes! Mickey Thompson Pro Bracket Radials
Many winning NMRA and NMCA racers rely on Mickey Thompson tires. Debuted back in 2017 to deliver reliable and affordable traction for Sportsman racers, Mickey Thompson’s Pro Bracket Radial is now available in a wider range of sizes, including 26.0/10.0R17, 27.0/10.0R17, 28.0/10.0R17, and 29.0/10.0R18. 
These radials offer low rolling resistance, allowing them to perform quicker and faster than a bias-ply tire. Moreover, these tubeless tires feature consistent rollouts, so matching tires isn’t necessary. In addition to the improved performance and consistent sizing, these tires deliver improved feel at higher speeds with zero growth for consistent elapsed times.
“The new Pro Bracket Radial sizes have been designed for higher horsepower vehicles with modified chassis that use a larger tire,” Ken Warner, Vice President of Marketing for Mickey Thompson said when the tires debuted. “Like their smaller counterparts, these tires will deliver quicker elapsed times with great consistency and handling.”
Contact Mickey Thompson at 330/928-9092 or visit: for more information.

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