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New Product Xtreme-DI launches +30% GDI High-Flow Fuel Injectors for GM LTx-Engines

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
Xtreme-DI today announced a new product line of GDI High-Flow Fuel Injectors providing up to 30-percent more fuel flow over stock injectors in all GM Gen V engines (LT5, LT4, LT1, L86, L83, LV3). XDI high-flow injectors for the Ford Ecoboost 2.3L and 3.5L engines, the Audi/Volkswagen 2.0L engine, and additional engines are in development and will be available in the near future. XDI injectors are unique in that they retain the stock spray pattern developed by each OEM over years of research and development. We are not recreating the fuel injector, introducing a new way of spraying fuel that takes years to get it right, if ever, Ostmann said. With our injectors the combustion process stays the same, the combustion cycle stays the same. There's no risk of washing off oil films or creating puddles on piston rings. To provide outstanding and consistent performance, XDI injectors are flow matched on OEM equipment at 100bar (1450psi) and 200bar (2900psi) injection pressures to within 0.5 percent. Other aftermarket manufacturers that match their DI-injectors do so at 5 bar, which is not representative of high pressure, said Ostmann. Xtreme-DI is the only high-flow injector company using OEM equipment to ensure extreme performance at OEM quality. As a final quality step, XDI-injectors are high-pressure tested at up to 300bar (4500psi) to ensure stable operation at all pressure levels. Our customers can be assured that every XDI injector will always flow the same within a matched set, said Ostmann. The tuner without further measurement can be certain that every cylinder is getting the same amount of fuel. Our vision is to be known as the best DI-only company in the world, and these injectors are the next step. For More Information call 248-773-7840, or visit

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