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New Product Vortech's 3,000+hp Capable V-30 131A Centrifugal Supercharger

A few years ago Vortech revamped its racing supercharger line-up, slapping the V-30 moniker on the racing-oriented gear case, and then stacking a variety of impellers and compressor covers on the backside of it. On the surface, the group simplified the identification process but in reality it was a complete reset on the racing program and the biggest of the bunch is the behemoth on these pages, the V-30 131A centrifugal supercharger. If you hadn't figured it out, the 131 stands for 131mm and the A is the compressor cover.

The V-30 131A flows over 4,000 cfm, meaning it can support over 3,000hp and Vortech is showing it off on these pages with its side-slinger billet bracket kit. The brackets are designed for Top Dragster/Top Sportsman and puts the impeller facing forward to collect air as the vehicle moves down track. The impeller is a robust 3.70-inches and maximum efficiency comes at a 65,000 rpm impeller speed.

The billet brackets are designed for a big-block Chevy and the company is working on bracket kits for small-block Chevy and Ford and LS engines for both race and street. Vortech is also a stocking dealer for Chris Alston Chassisworks CDS and Supercharger Store gear-drive systems.

The V-30 131A supercharger also benefits from the usual great features of their other racing superchargers. The impeller is built using a proprietary billet material for added strength and durability. The Vortech engineering staff uses advanced aerodynamic computer modeling programs to create a design before it is tested in-house on a supercharger dyno and results are validated to SAE J1723 engineering standards. Once the V-30 131A was up to snuff on their in-house testing, it was put in the field to be validated in the real world.

There are three major features incorporated in the race supercharger systems, the first is Nano-Tolerance Technology (NTT). It is a patent-pending material and process that allows Vortech to tighten the volute's internal tolerances and clearances to increase efficiency, further maximizing potential power. Normally, tightening clearances comes at a risk, but the NTT material removes those possibilities, so the gains do not impact longevity or durability. According to Vortech engineer Lance Keck, the NTT feature typically results in a 2-3psi gain, depending on the compressor and engine combination.

The second new technology is Diverging Diffusion Technology (DDT), which allows Vortech engineers to specifically tailor a supercharger's operating range based on the combination or application. Using vanes to control airflow direction coming off the exducer, a high-efficient impeller with a narrow peak-efficiency range can be adjusted to increase lower rpm efficiency to build boost quicker or shift the curve higher. The peak power output isn't changed, just the curve on the compressor map.

Think of DDT like raising or lowering the powerband. This can be particularly helpful in small-tire classes when the tracks are slicker; one can take advantage of the DDT to shift the powerband higher to help prevent tire spin. Or, on the other side, if the track is really tight, then the power can be moved down low to get the vehicle to sixty-foot harder. The same with weather conditions, hot and nasty summer weather will dictate a more aggressive low-end curve to get the air moving to help build power quicker. A V-30 series is designed for racing and Vortech engineers wanted to provide options so racers have the best opportunity to chase after class wins and championships.

The final new piece to the puzzle that Keck was willing to reveal is something no one ever sees because it's inside the transmission bearing components and a brand-new internal lubrication system. A proprietary ceramic bearing is exclusive to the V-30 series superchargers. The bearings longevity is ensured through a unique method of an air/oil misting system.

These are features that are standard in all V-30 superchargers. The V-30 131A is available immediately.

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