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New Product SAFE RACE Coolant

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
This year was the 103rd running of The Indy 500 and it produced a remarkable display of tenacity from 15th qualifier young Aussie James Davison. Driving the SAFE Antifreeze | Coolant sponsored entry of Jonathan Byrd Racing, Davison made it up to 4th spot before he was spun nearly 180 degrees near his pit box by Penske driver former winner Helio Castroneves. Fortunately, no one was injured or equipment damaged the #33 crew just lost time and sent James back safely refueled on fresh tires -2 laps down in 32nd spot. Davison worked his Honda powered Dallara all the way back to the lead lap to finish the race 12th overall with no incidents. Bradley Miller the founder of Speedteq (a Motorsports development engineering group) announced on May 1st to the public the world's safest new non-toxic, biodegradable antifreeze | coolant brand for passenger vehicles and quickly followed up on May 16th with a Press Conference in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Media Center to detail his(37+ year company's return to IndyCar as a supplier with Jonathan Byrd Racing team to help with their Animal Safety and Awareness Campaign to eliminate the deadly toxic chemical Ethylene Glycol (EG) that has been used in 98% of antifreeze products for nearly a century now. Miller's career started professionally in 1985 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and once again chose the famed Indianapolis 500 to promote his latest innovation. Today, SAFE RACE Coolant has announced the world's next generation 100% non-toxic, biodegradable GLYCOL free GREEN solution for ALL Motorsports. It's only natural and logical that we offer the professional and amateur racing community a true alternative to the toxic coloring, Diethanolamine, boric acids & other caustic substances used in the water based wetting agents for racing said Miller. Miller continued by saying We also will offer these SAFE products in affordable concentrate with our FDA food grade non-toxic coloring that mix with purified RO water so we aren't adding more plastic bottles to be recycled. We truly hope the FIA lends their support to our global cause to help make motorsports greener and save ALL mammals lives reducing the contamination of groundwater. Our single goal for the new SAFE Antifreeze | Coolant is to be the world's safest passenger product for over the road as we continue. All of our technology comes from our motorsports core business so truly it wasn't Big chemical or Big Automotive that has produced the world's safest antifreeze and coolants, these advancements were born from Racing | Motorsports like so many other safety features in passenger cars & over the road trucks. For More Information: About SAFE Antifreeze | Coolant SAFE Antifreeze Coolant will strive to be the world's safest non-toxic antifreeze | coolant. It's developed with non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients with no ethylene glycol. Designed to be child-safe, pet-safe and wildlife-safe, SAFE features GRAS ( generally recognized as safe ) FDA Grade Propylene Glycol and proprietary non-toxic inhibitors for long life. Fully tested, proven reliable SAFE Antifreeze | Coolant meets and exceeds all ASTM standards for domestic and import passenger cars, SUV's, UTV's, Motorcycles and Snowmobiles, Light and heavy-duty gasoline and diesel engines.  

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