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New Product Energy Manufacturing Billet LS Block, Cylinder Heads, and Intake Manifolds

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
Energy Manufacturing Ltd.'s mission is to make life a little easier for LS engine builders and racers. Since early 2018, the company has been quietly stocking a full line of precision tuned and tested parts - billet aluminum LS engine blocks, manifolds, and cylinder heads are now on-the-shelf and can be shipped within a short lead time. The company is proud to have a working agreement with Visner Engine Design to produce its cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and associated components, so now top-end VED kits are available off the shelf. This is a sport where every second counts, and we believe that also pertains to service and fulfillment, says Heath Norton, Vice President of Energy Manufacturing. We want to resolve the long turnaround times and production delays that have become the norm in the motorsports industry. Energy also invests in precision fit and finish and thoughtful detailing of each block, which makes assembly go faster too. This is done through enhanced clearancing and attention to detail. In its dedicated production facility in Fremont, Ohio, on-site engineers and project managers work directly with input from builders and racers. The 65,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art plant is tooled for production at any volume and can handle plenty of customization in an efficient manner. Energy Manufacturing, Ltd. was formed in 2009; the company is a distinctive expansion of a multi-generational business that was originally founded in 1950 as critical supplier to the automotive, aviation, defense, energy and high-performance racing industries. Today, the corporate portfolio also includes Aviation Manufacturing Company, Callies Performance Products and Tecnoma Industries. For more information, please visit

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