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New Product Eaton Ring & Pinion Sets

Eaton's new ring and pinion sets are ideal for the performance enthusiast with an assortment of gear ratios available for over a dozen different rear axle styles. Whether used for street or off-road applications, or for competing on the track, they are an ideal addition to pair with Eaton's broad portfolio of performance differentials. These ring and pinion sets build on Eaton's long history of building quality performance differentials for automotive enthusiasts; providing quality, reliability and enhanced vehicle performance. All Eaton Performance gear sets are made in the U.S.A. and feature Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) cut teeth, which improves gear meshing, reduces stress, and ensures smooth engagement. The splines are rolled for additional tooth strength and longer life. The material is domestically sourced, heat-treated steel for exceptional durability.

Street series gear sets are made from high quality 8620 or 4320 steel, which provides long-life under daily use conditions. Competition series gear sets are made from high quality 9310 steel which provides the higher impact resistance needed at the track.

The optional Super-Finish adds 3-5% more horsepower to the rear wheels. Eliminates the break-in requirement, reduces friction and wear, improves oil retention, and overall durability. Additionally, it reduces noise, vibration and harshness, improves resistance to pitting and corrosion and reduces heat build-up.

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