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New Hyperspark Distributors and Sniper EFI Canister Ignition Coil Hit the Market

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Sniper EFI continues to innovate and expand the aftermarket fuel injection market by introducing two new Hyperspark ignition distributors and a canister style ignition coil. The tall-deck big block Chevrolet and 250 GM inline-six Hyperspark distributors allow for integrated timing control on Sniper EFI TBI systems. The new canister-style ignition coil is designed to function perfectly with the company's ignition coil driver module. Hyperspark Ignition Distributor: Hyperspark distributors are plug and play with all Holley Sniper EFI systems for complete timing control functionality. Featuring a high quality billet distributor housing, the distributor will resist corrosion and give a stylish look to engine bays. The integrated Hall Effect crank trigger sensor and CNC machined shutter wheel provide a noise-free RPM signal to the Sniper ECU. All Hyperspark distributors come with the patented clear installation cap. All of the HyperSpark distributors are also available in a stylish black housing. Sniper EFI Canister Style Ignition Coil: New for the Sniper EFI product line is a factory replacement Sniper EFI canister style ignition coil. The ignition coil is potted with a premium grade epoxy, making it perfect for high vibration environments and can be mounted in any direction (horizontal, vertical or upside down). No oil fill means no failure for multiple mounting positions. The new Sniper EFI canister coil is perfect for anyone wanting to upgrade their ignition system while maintaining a factory look under the hood. For more information, call 866-464-6553 or visit (Content courtesy of Sniper EFI/Holley)

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