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New Data Acquisition Pressure Senders From Autometer

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
Designed specifically for the data acquisition and EFI markets, AutoMeter's new line of pressure sensors leverages track-proven solid state design. Offering unparalleled accuracy, the 0-5v pressure transducers are durable but cost a fraction of the competition's units. Compatible with nearly ever popular data acquisition and fuel management system on the market, including AutoMeter, RacePak, Holley, MoTeC, and more, AutoMeter's senders feature stainless steel construction, 3-wire connectors, and 1/8 NPT treaded male fittings. Available for only $119.95, AutoMeter's pressure senders are also compatible with multiple fluids including, but not limited to, gasoline, ethanol, methanol, diesel, nitrous oxide, brake fluid, water, air, and more.

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