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New 20 BBC Series Pistons Available from JE Pistons

Posted By: Mike Galimi
After developing a multitude of custom pistons for big-block Chevrolet engines equipped with 20 cylinder heads, like the Dart Pro1 20 and Brodix SR20, the engineering team at JE Pistons has created the 20 BBC Series that combines high quality custom piston features with off-the-shelf convenience. The pistons are available with 23cc and 18cc domes, designed for high horsepower naturally aspirated and nitrous engines with bore sizes from 4.600" to 4.625". Forged in-house from 2618-T6 aluminum, they incorporate many special features that elevate these new 20 pistons above the norm. They include JE's Ultra- Groove process that creates flat and smooth ring grooves with tolerances held to a millionth of an inch, and vertical gas ports providing a consistent ring seal. Special contact-reduction grooves reduce friction and minimize detonation, while the power adder accumulator groove provides increased accumulator area without weakening the ring land. The dome incorporates a fire slot for improved flame travel and combustion efficiency, and is designed to accommodate up to 2.450" diameter intake valves, while the underside is 3D crown-milled to remove all unnecessary weight and reduce the reciprocating mass. Optimum wrist pin lubrication is assured through employing a broach pin oiler with an accumulator groove. For more infomation, call 714-898-9763 or visit www.JEpistons. com. (Content courtesy of JE Pistons)

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