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Multi-Layered Stainless Steel Spartan Head Gaskets from SCE Gaskets

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
Available in five thicknesses and several bore diameters for Chevy, GM, LSX, Ford, and Chrysler engines, SCE's new Multi-Layered Stainless Steel (MLS) Spartan head gaskets were developed to be able to withstand extreme cylinder pressures. Precision manufactured from mirror-smooth sheets of 300-series stainless steel, each MLS Spartan gasket has an embossed sealing area and goes through a unique, stress-relieving process which results in increased spring pressure of the gasket and superior sealing between the block and head. Additionally, a two-part polymer around the outer layers provides a consistent application for increased sealing, so no extra sealants are required. Thanks to these features, SCE's MLS gaskets are extremely effective when used between blocks and heads of different metals, such as cast iron and aluminum.

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