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Mothers Introduces Ultimate Hybrid Line of Ceramic-Blend Finish Care Products

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Mothers' new line of Ultimate Hybrid products combines the ease-of-use of traditional carnauba wax with the benefit of nano-ceramic technology while providing a timeless, liquidy-gloss shine. It's a balanced blend of advanced science and traditional car care. Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax combines the trusted natural protection of carnauba wax with cutting-edge nano-quartz ceramic technology. The ultra-slick formula handles everything from greasy fingerprints to road grime, lubricating while it cleans. The result is a scratch-free, SiO2-protected, liquidy-gloss look that repels water and contaminants with ease. Use as a stand-alone product, or as a booster over your existing ceramic coating, sealant or wax. Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Wax uses the time-tested natural protection of #1 yellow carnauba. Ultra-fine polishes remove minor imperfections and oxidation, promoting proper adhesion and paving the way for a long lasting, Si02-fortified shine that repels water and contaminants with ease. Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Wax features cutting-edge nano-quartz ceramic technology, while retaining conventional application methods in order to eliminate steep learning curves and elaborate techniques. It featsure advanced ceramic durability, while still allowing you to wax on and wax off. Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Detailer & Bead Booster is a true instant detailer, effortlessly clearing away dust, fingerprints and smudges, while simultaneously enhancing the protective, hydrophobic beading characteristics of any finish. It does more than boost existing ceramic coatings, as Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Detailer can also be used over sealant or wax, or even as a stand-alone bead booster on uncoated vehicles. Mothers Ultimate Hybrid 1-Step Ceramic Clay & Coat is an all-in-one surface prep and preservation system. Mothers easy 1-step system lets you coat while you clay, giving your car the ultimate glass-like shine with the unmatched protection of a ceramic coating. Regardless of where you live, your car's finish is exposed to a variety of potentially damaging contaminants. These contaminants break down your paint's finish, leaving it dull and vulnerable to further deterioration. Ultimate Hybrid 1-Step Ceramic Clay & Coat will stop this damage, restore brilliance and leave a "just coated" super-hydrophobic, liquidy-gloss appearance to your car's paint, chrome, glass and smooth plastics. The patented synthetic clay tool, when paired with our Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Detailer, glides safely across your paint, shearing-off and removing those dreaded surface and embedded contaminants. It's ceramic simplified, allowing you to clay and coat in just one easy step. Caring for your vehicle has never been as simple and easy, thanks to Mothers' all-new Ultimate Hybrid ceramic-blend finish care products, which combine the ease-of-use of traditional waxes and methods with the benefits of nano-ceramic technology. For more information, visit (Content courtesy of Mothers)

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