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Moroso Releases Two New External Oil Pumps Which Fit ProCharger Front Drives

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Moroso has introduced two new external oil pumps, which fit ProCharger front drives.
They are part # 22316 (reverse Rotation, fuel pump drive, V-Band mounting flange, 1.500 pressure section) and part # 22317 (reverse Rotation, fuel pump drive, V-Band mounting flange, 1.800 pressure section). Both external pumps feature a V-Band mounting flange to mount to ProCharger supercharger front drives and a 3/8" hex fuel pump drive with 1:1 ratio that accepts the popular 1.450 ID, 3 bolt, fuel pump swivel clamps. External oil pumps run cooler than internal pumps and feature an external bypass for ease of adjustment. They're light weight, efficient, have a spur gear pressure section and include all necessary fittings. For information, visit or call 203-453-6571. (Content courtesy of Moroso)

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