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Moroso Introduces New Oil Pans to Market

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Moroso has debuted the GM LT Drag Race 7-1/2" deep, Aluminum oil pan (part number 21154) for 2016 and newer Camaros and 2016 and newer COPO Camaros. Due to the OEM. GM LT oil pans having the oil pump pickup built into the oil pan, the Moroso LT oil pan has a thick billet aluminum O-ringed rail that incorporates a removable pickup and billet aluminum front sump. The oil pan features a trap door baffle assembly, anti-climb baffle and anti-slosh baffle to keep oil contained in the oil pump pickup area during drag racing. Clears a 4.25" stroke with most steel rods. Comes with a full length removable solid louvered windage tray for maximum power and oil control. Includes a billet aluminum adapter with 1/4" NPT sensor port that allows a 22mm thread Moroso number 22463 or O.E.M. oil filter to be mounted in the stock location. No need to run a remote oil filter. A dipstick bung is included. Dipstick bung is designed to be use with GM part number 12652951 dipstick tube and part number 12643278 dipstick. Moroso has also debuted a Dart/Rocket small block Drag Race 8-1/2" deep, Power Kick Out Aluminum Oil Pan (part number 21248) with -16 A.N. external pickup for external oil pump applications. Fits Super Stock/Bracket Cars, dragsters, roadsters or body cars. The aluminum fully fabricated oil pan clears 4.25" stroke with steel or aluminum rods. The double kick-out design ensures large stroke clearance, wide main cap clearance and maximum horsepower. Billet end seals ensure consistent sealing surface to billet front covers and rear main caps. Comes with a full length solid louvered windage tray with main cap partitions for maximum power and oil control. Includes a billet aluminum female -16 A.N. external pickup and includes O-ring magnetic drain plug, two -8 A.N. drain backs and dipstick bung. For use with 168-tooth flywheel combinations. For more information, call 203-453-6571 or visit (Content courtesy of Moroso)

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