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Moroso Gen VI Big-Block Chevy Oil Pan for 2016-Newer COPO Camaro

Posted By: Steve Baur
Fresh out of assembly is this new aluminum oil pan for fitting Gen V and Gen VI big-block Chevy engines in 2016-later COPO Camaros. This 8-inch-deep, rear-sump-configuration oil pan is constructed out of aluminum and features double power kickouts to ensure clearance for up to a 4.75-inch stroke crankshaft, aluminum connecting rods and wide main caps.

Moroso’s new oil pan (PN 20383) integrates a louvered windage tray, billet end seals for a consistent seal to billet front covers and rear main caps, and an O-ring magnetic drain plug. It’s designed to work with Moroso’s spur gear billet oil pumps and a 168-tooth flywheel.
For more information, visit or call (203) 453 6571.

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