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Meziere's New SafeCap Radiator Caps

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
The team at Meziere has been hard at work developing a new radiator cap that is both stylish and functional, and offers enhanced safety. Meziere's new SafeCap was designed specifically to deal with the issue of caps coming off at inopportune times while racing. To overcome the trouble, Meziere's SafeCap billet radiator cap features a set of ramp rollers for smooth and secure fitment while providing excellent integrity, fit, and finish. Additionally, the locking shell and clip ensure a failsafe, secure radiator cap that can handle the rigors of motorsports and drag racing. Available in a black anodized finish, a silver anodized finish, or an electro-less nickel-plated option, Meziere's new SafeCap radiator caps are priced at just $106.32.

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