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Lindsay Wheelock Set To Make NMCA Edelbrock Xtreme Street Debut

Posted By: Steve Baur
Lindsay and Dustin Wheelock joined the NMCA a few years ago by diving into the deep end with their Mike Alsop Racing COPO Camaro and the Holley EFI Factory Super Cars class. In 2022, the team’s long-awaited Dodge/Mopar Challenger Drag Pak arrived and they have steadily been working on making that car run its best with help from PTP Racing’s Jason Lee and Patrick Barnhill. Now, they plan to venture into the radial realm with Lindsay getting behind the wheel of Jason Lee’s Mustang for NMCA Edelbrock Xtreme Street.
“We started with Jason on the Factory Super Car stuff and have become real good friends,” Dustin Wheelock told us. I was hanging out at Jason’s and talking about all different avenues and we started talking about getting his car out with Lindsay driving it.”

The car in question is Lee’s 1986 Mustang that he has owned since 1997. It’s been a radial-tire machine since then, and was most recently updated for competition in the X275 category. Lee last piloted the Mustang around 2013, when the majority of racing was still quarter-mile distance, and changes have been made for eighth-mile and Xtreme Street/Ultra Street competition.
Lee’s Strange Engineering-liveried Mustang currently packs a small-block Ford engine of around 400 cubic inches, and the group swapped out the X275 supercharger for a smaller Vortech V-30 that is legal for Xtreme Street/ Ultra Street. Trick Flow High-Port cylinder heads sit atop the small-block and Billet Atomizer injectors have been added to provide the required amount of fuel.
“The engine combo was ahead of its time, and people have caught up to that and we’ll see if it is still competitive,” Lee said. “With some minor changes, I think it can be a very successful Ultra Street car.

Backing up the engine is an M&M Transmission Turbo 400 and Neal Chance torque converter, along with a Strange Engineering-equipped rearend. Lee will initially tweak the Haltech Nexus engine management unit, with Wheelock eventually handling the tuning changes under PTP Racing’s guidance.
“Jason has been an incredible mentor to my wife with driving,” Wheelock noted. “It’s been an awesome journey learning from them.”
Months of planning and parts swapping has lead to a test session this Friday at US 131 Motorsports Park in Martin, Michigan, for both the Mustang as well as Wheelock’s Drag Pak. If all goes well, the Wheelocks will campaign both cars at the remaining NMCA events.
“The Mustang has a solid history and Lindsay has great stats as a driver,” Wheelock said. “I want to give my wife a car that has a chance of winning. We have so much fun at the NMCA events, and being able to do this with the wife and kids is awesome.”

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