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Lightweight Stopping Power From Strange

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Lightweight Stopping Power From Strange
By Evan J. Smith
Drag racing brakes have come a long way in the last decade, in fact they keep evolving and we recently had a look at the latest Lightweight two-piston front brake kit from Strange that’s designed for 1987-1993 Ford V8 Mustangs.
The Lightweight Strange 2-Piston Front Brake Kit is delivers maximum performance with minimum weight and drag. The kit combines scalloped and slotted 11-inch stainless steel rotors that are resistant to heat and corrosion and feature internal Spiraolocks to mate the rotor to the hat, thus eliminating bolts.
The billet hub/hat is machined from 2024-T351 aluminum and is treated to extensive profile milling for additional weight reduction. Drag is reduced with the use of a nitrite rubber grease seal and optional ceramic ball bearings (tapered bearings are standard).
The last piece of the puzzle is the Strange two-piece billet aluminum caliper. It’s an opposed, two-piston fix caliper and drag is reduced with a high-retraction O-ring mated to a 1.625-inch diameter billet, stainless steel, corrosion-resistant piston. According to Strange, the piston has a reversed-dish pressure vessel to maximize stiffness and it mitigates heat transfer to the brake fluid, which results in improved pedal feel, improved pad wear and more consistent braking. Lastly, the encapsulated brake pads enhance caliper rigidity and the kit can be ordered with optional wheel speed sensors.
Total weight for the kit is just 19.1 lbs, so you can expect a substantial weight saving over stock and even some aftermarket brake kits. There are three part numbers currently to work with popular bolt circles and Strange stated the kit will be available in June of 2023.

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