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Laris Motorsports Insurance Named Official Motorsport Insurance Provider for NMRA/NMCA

Posted By: Event Coverage Team
NMRA and NMCA is excited to announce Laris Motorsports Insurance as the Official Motorsport Insurance provider for both national event series. The company offers racecar insurance for both on and off the race track and sales agent Mark Anderson will be at every NMRA and NMCA in 2020 to discuss options. Laris Motorsports Insurance is designed to be racer-friendly because its owners, Holden and Ross Laris, are longtime racing enthusiasts. Since 1939 the Laris family has been heavily involved in the insurance world with a main focus in the oil and gas industry. With racing being a hobby and insurance being a career, Holden and Ross noticed industry standards on the racing side that didn't sit well with them, thus forming the motorsports-driven division. While it is common for other insurance companies to exclude coverage on race cars while in the pit area, being driven around the pits, in the staging lanes, and going down the track, Laris Motorsports Insurance is quite different than the others. Holden and Ross created Laris Motorsports Insurance to insure race cars while they are garaged, being transported, in the pits, driven around the pits, in the staging lanes, and even going down the race track! They also cover trailers, equipment, and motor-homes. Quotes can be provided in the matter of minutes, and in the event of a claim you can have the peace of mind that you are talking to racers who understand the situation. On top of offering racers the excellent coverage Holden and Ross still wondered what more could they do to benefit racers They made the decision to offer a contingency program! That's right They pay YOU if you win or come in as runner-up in NMRA or NMCA Heads-Up and Index categories. Between the broad coverage provided, the contingency program, and Holden & Ross's knowledge and passion for both insurance and racing, Laris Motorsports Insurance is a great choice for all of your racecar insurance needs and we are proud to have them as the official insurance provider of NMCA/NMRA! Sales agent and fellow NMCA racer, Mark Anderson, has committed to being at all NMCA/NMRA races this season, so if you see the Laris Motorsports logo this year be sure to stop by and see for yourself why this company stands out above the rest. For more information, visit  

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