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Lakewood T-56 Transmission Installation Kit For L83-L84 Gen V GM Engines

Posted By: Steve Baur
This kit includes all the fasteners and spacers needed to install a GM T56 Magnum or 1998 to 2002 GM LS T56 transmission to the popular L83-L84 Gen V engine. The spacers provided retain OE (original equipment) specs when using a single disc clutch.


  • Allows use of a GM T56 transmission with an L83-L84 engine (with outer pilot bearing position) 
  • Bellhousing spacer and hydraulic release bearing spacer provide OE specs if using a standard clutch
  • Includes bellhousing spacer, hydraulic release bearing spacer, pilot bearing, transmission dowels x 2, transmission to bellhousing bolts X 7, hydraulic release bearing bolts X 2
  • Requires hydraulic release bearing
  • Can be used with GM T56 Magnum or 1998-2002 GM LS T56 transmissions, other T56 transmissions may require shims for correct set up
  • Designed for single disc OE style clutch kit, dual disk clutch kits will require different shim
  • If using an OE style LS hydraulic release bearing you will need a remote bleeder and flexible feed line. The OE bleeder and feed tube will hit the spacer on install. Use Earls bleeder kit PK0008ERL, and feed port LS641001ERL or equiv. along with flexible feed hose. Custom hardline plumbing is also an option


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