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Kooks' New Exhaust Products for the 2020 Mustang GT500 Allow Modification in Stages

Posted By: Mike Galimi
It takes an innovative company like Kooks Headers and Exhaust to improve upon the already impressive 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Kooks is up for the challenge with an array of modular-style exhaust products that allow owners to modify their new GT500 in stages. Manufactured using 304 stainless steel for the quality and durability enthusiasts have come to expect, the exhaust products are offered in three stages, delivering a personalized level of Kooks customization for every driver. The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 makes a powerful statement right off the dealer lot, and with our new modular-style exhaust products, owners can take their vehicles to the next level, said Jamie Hacking, Kooks Research and Development Manager. Modifying the exhaust in stages allows unique customization options, all with the Kooks performance and dependability that drivers know and trust. The First Stage modification is a Header & Connection Kit. The kit includes the company's new 2 x 3" GT500 headers, 3" connection pipes available in both non-catted and Kooks GREENCats versions, and a pair of 3 x 2-3/4" OEM adapters to connect to the stock exhaust using the factory-installed two-bolt clamps. Header gaskets, oxygen sensor extension harnesses and all required installation hardware are included. The Second Stage adds a Resonator Delete X-Pipe. The X-pipe attaches to the front connection pipes of the Header & Connection Kit and replaces the OEM adapters. Mid-pipes included with the X-pipe have a 2-3/4" OD outlet that fits to the factory exhaust using two-bolt clamps (included) just ahead of the rear axle. Installation of this part requires cutting of the factory exhaust, as well as purchasing Kooks headers and connection pipes. Currently still in development, the Third Stage will provide rear connection pipe and muffler sections to complete a full exhaust package. The Third Stage is expected to be released later this spring. For more information, visit (Content courtesy of Kooks Headers and Exhaust)  

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