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JMS Daytona CD-1 Full Race Ignition System

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
JMS Daytona CD-1 Full Race Ignition System
The JMS Daytona CD-1 capacitive discharge system and companion coil are engineered to optimize the potential of distributor and crank trigger-based ignition systems on all 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder engines. This system is ideally suited to virtually all motorsports (including drag, oval track, off-road racing, drifting and pulling) as well as high performance street use.
In addition to boosting performance, the JMS Daytona controller can be programmed to handle functions that include 3-step rpm limits, high gear or nitrous retard, and employ a user-configured timing curve based on boost or rpm. Outputs can be programmed as an RPM Window Switch for nitrous or a shift light.
This powerful unit delivers 135 mJ (millijoules) of spark energy and has an adjustable rev limiter that goes to 10,900 rpm in 100-rpm increments. Designed and assembled in the USA by JMS Daytona, it features fully encapsulated construction to provide total reliability under the most demanding conditions.
For additional information on the JMS Daytona CD-1 line of ignition systems, as well as wide range of exclusive management/control modules, visit www. or call 601-766-9424 for personalized technical assistance.

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