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Posted By: Evan J. Smith
New Products
Written by Steve Turner
Photography courtesy of the manufacturers

Anderson Composites Charger SRT Hellcat Jail Break Carbon Fiber Hood
While the Dodge Chargers SRT Hellcat Jail Break delivers impressive performance right off the showroom floor, shaving off some weight is an easy way to make the car even faster. To that end, Anderson Composites created a carbon-fiber hood for this car that adds style, functional cooling, and lighter weight all in one upgrade. “Dodge continues to release special edition Chargers; go-fast junkies can’t get enough and this carbon fiber hood feeds their appetite for both appearance and functionality. The carbon fiber hood includes a functional center scoop which directs air into the OE cold air intake box along with the twin heat extractor vents to reduce engine bay heat,” states Zach Bohn, brand manager. Created using the company’s vacuum-infused process, this hood’s scoop is molded in for durability and the entire hood is covered in a high-gloss gelcoat with UV inhibitors to ensure longevity.
Anderson Composites
(626) 333-7024 • Visit:

ARP Wheel Studs
Any racer or performance enthusiast knows how crucial quality fasteners are to the longevity of a high-performance engine. The same, however, can be said for retaining wheels in a performance environment. ARP created premium-grade replacement wheel studs for factory and aftermarket applications to ensure that their wheels stay where they belong when they drop the hammer. Hewn from 8740 chrome-moly steel and heat-treated to a nominal tensile strength of 190,000 psi, these studs are 26 percent stronger than Grade 8 hardware. Moreover, the threads on these studs are rolled rather than cut to deliver 10 times the longevity.
Automotive Racing Products
(805) 339-2200 • Visit: 

Callies Ultra Billet Gen III Hemi Crankshaft
Dodge’s Gen III Hemi engines are factory powerhouses, but when the mission is building horsepower far beyond what the factory intended, rugged aftermarket hardware is an absolute requirement. As a foundation of these engines, the Ultra Billet crankshaft from Callies Performance Products is ready to support huge horsepower. Carved from 4340 Timken Steel features a unique counterweight profile that delivers reduced weight, these cranks feature gun-drilled mains and full internal balancing. They are Ultra Case Deep Nitride heat-treated for durability. 
Callies Performance Products
(419) 435.2711 • Visit:

COMP Cams Dodge Gen III HEMI Stroker HRT Series Camshafts
When hot-rodding an engine, a proper performance camshaft will help unlock more output. That is especially true of stroker engines with increased displacement. For Dodge Gen III HEMI stroker engines, COMP Cams developed its like of HRT Series camshafts designed to maximize average horsepower and torque. With lobes crafted using Low Shock Technology, these cams improve valvetrain stability and expand the engine’s rev range while taking it easier on the valve springs for enhanced durability. Finished with the company’s Micro Surface Enhancement tech, they are stronger and can bear more load. These HRT cams are available in Stage 1 and Stage 2 configurations to suit vehicles with stock torque converters or high-stall torque converters/manual transmissions.
(800) 999-0853 • Visit:

Edelbrock Victor Big-Block Chevy Cylinder Heads 
For those making power with big-block Chevy muscle, Edelbrock created its new Big Vic CHC 12-degreet racing headers for competition builds with natural aspiration, nitrous, or boost. Cast in Edelbrock’s foundry using premium aluminum and a hot-isostatic pressing that delivers a denser grain structure, these heads feature CNC oval ports engineered for high air speed and maximum cylinder filling. The result is a robust torque curve throughout the engine's rev range. Built with 12-degree valve angles, copper valve seats, and manganese-bronze valve guides, they offer durability and sure sealing for increased cylinder pressure.
(888) 799-1135 • Visit:

FTI Performance Dodge Scat Pack Torque Converters
For modern Dodge applications running without a power adder, FTI Performance created its Scat Pack torque converter line. Designed for street/strip uses, these converters employ a billet stator and a multi-plate lock-up platform that doubles the holding capacity of the stock unit. The result is a converter said to deliver excellent street drivability and a far higher level of performance on the racetrack. 
FTI Performance
(866) 726-8358 • Visit:

Heatshield Products Hot Rod Ties
Heat and performance go hand in hand. Likewise, using zip ties to tidy up hoses and wiring is a common practice at the racetrack. The latter are usually not up to the task of surviving in a hot environment. Unless that is, they are Hot Rod Ties from Heatshield Products. Designed to withstand as much as 220 degrees of radiant heat without melting or turning brittle, these ties allow for safely securing hoses, wiring, or anything in hot environments. They can be purchased in 0.14, 0.18- and 0.30-inch widths in 8-, 11- and 15-inch lengths.
Heatshield Products
(844) 723-2665 • Visit:

Moroso GM LS Ultra 40 Custom Fit Ignition Wires
LS engine coils are capable of lighting the fire even when you turn up the wick, but you need a quality wire to deliver the spark to the plug. Enter this GM LS Ultra 40 Custom Fit Ignition Wire Set from Moroso. Built using the company's ULTRA 40 wire, they only offer up to 40 ohms of resistance per foot. They are built with 135-degree boots and sleeved for protection against heat and abrasion. Complete and ready to install, the Moroso wires feature a pull/positive engagement to ensure engagement with the coil and plug.
Moroso Performance Products
(203) 453-6571 • Visit:

Performance Design Carbon XR LS7 Intake Manifold
For owners of deep-breathing LS7 combo who want an intake that supports big power and makes a striking aesthetic statement, Performance Design engineered its Carbon XR LS7 Intake Manifold to maximize horsepower and torque in performance applications. Designed to make the most of roomy engine bays, this cross-ram intake features 12.5-inch-long tuned runners and dual throttle bodies. When fitted with two 75mm throttles, this carbon fiber and billet aluminum intake will support up to 900 horsepower, while stepping up to 90mm opens the door to more than 1,300 naturally aspirated horsepower.
Performance Design, LLC
(248) 507-4885 • Visit:

PRW PQx Pro Series Gen III LS Shaft-Mount Rocker Arms 
LS engines take to modifications like a slick to a drag strip, but one of the first modifications is usually a camshaft that shifts the powerband and the rev range higher. To ensure maximum valvetrain stability across the powerband, PRW created its PQx Series Aluminum Shaft Rocker Arm System. Based on a billet-steel pedestal stand the system mounts eight pairs of shaft-mount rockers that are carved from rugged aluminum alloys and fitted with cup-style lash adjusters. Rated at 750 pounds of open spring pressure, the kits include all the needed fasteners, shims, and hardware for installation.
PRW Industries
(951) 436-7900 • Visit:

Red Line Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil 
When you drop the hammer and huge torque travels through the drivetrain, those parts leverage against a sticky tire on a prepped track in an instant. To ensure the rearend internals are properly lubricated and protected, Red Line Synthetic Oil developed its Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil. Delivering low fluid friction and superb low-temp flow, this fluid mimics a liquid grease to deliver protection under pressure with a 40-percent lower coefficient of friction and 250-percent more load-bearing capacity than conventional gear oils. It will work in both transmissions and rearends.
Red Line Synthetic Oil
(707) 745-6100 • Visit:

Official 2023 NMRA Series T-Shirt
A silver anniversary is an occasion worthy of a big celebration. Whether you've been a supporter from the jump or you recently discovered the Holley NMRA Ford Drag Racing series you can show your support by wearing this 25th Anniversary shirt. Printed on a sport-gray, super-soft T-shirt, the special anniversary design commemorates the milestone 2023 season. It is available in sizes small through triple-extra large from the Power Mall Store.
Power Mall Store

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