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Horsepower From A Crate—Chevrolet Performance Is Offering Unlimited Packaged Power

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Horsepower From A Crate—Chevrolet Performance Is Offering Unlimited Packaged Power
By Evan J. Smith
The time is right to add horsepower under the hood of your Chevy, GM or Brand-X project car. It could be a drag racer, road racer, street machine or show machine, but when you think about the plethora of options your head begins to spin.
There are many paths you can take, including upgrading your existing engine or having a custom engine built. But a rock-solid alternative is to go with a Chevrolet Performance crate engine.
Crate engines are nothing new, in fact Chevrolet Performance has been building and selling them for decades, however, the lineup has evolved, especially over the last decade. Today, you can purchase a wide range of powerful engines including short-blocks and individual parts, along with race-ready engines and street-legal mills like the E-Rod and Connect-and-Cruise models that can have your vehicle up and running in no time flat.
The recent PRI (Performance Racing Industry) show in Indy gave us a look at many of these engines. In fact, the Chevrolet Performance booth was filled with incredible small-blocks, big-blocks, LS and LT variants. There are even certain engines for circle track and drag racing competition, including NMCA Chevrolet Performance Stock, which uses a DR525 (PN 19432630) sealed LS engine. In CPS every racer uses the same sealed LS engine with the same tune, so winning comes down to suspension and driving.
It was also at PRI where Chevrolet Performance revealed the COPO 632 featuring the ZZ632 a 93-octane pump-gas 632-cube 1,000 hp crate engine. “We were thrilled to see the COPO 632 at the PRI Show, and we immediately began determining how this exciting, naturally aspirated race car could fit into NMCA’s Stock Eliminator class,” Rollie Miller, NMCA General Manager and National Event Director, said. “Upon reviewing data on the car’s impressive performance, we found that it would fit right into Micro Strategies Stock Eliminator in the FSA and FS/AA categories, depending on the setup, and even as a natural C car in Super Stock.”
In addition to Stock Eliminator, this big-cube powerplant would make a great addition to a drag-and-drive machine or any street car. With dozens of engines to list, you can turn to for more information.

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